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Monday, 28 July 2008

My Army: collectors

Hellow and welcome to what I hope to become a regular POST. This post is about my army or more percificly what I plan on collecting.
So far I have:
A captain with combi melta and power fist
A chaplain with crosius and storm bolter wearing terminator armour, he has a bodygaurd of five terminators all equiped with storm bolters except for one with a assault cannon one with a power sword, one with a whirlwind missile launcher, two with power fists and two with chain fists.
One dreadnaught with lascannon and power fist
23 space marines, 3 are sargents 2 have missile launchers 1 has a plasma gun 1 has a melta gun and one has a flamer
5 scouts 2 withe clase combat wepon and bolt pistol, 1 with shotgun, 1 with heavy bolter and one with bolter
Fast attack
4 bikes one with power wepon and lightning claw 1 with melta gun and one with plasma gun.
heavy support
Land raider with lascannons
vindicator with pintle mounted storm bolter

What I plan to get:

Techmarine in full servo harnss with four servitors
Two land speeder one tornado and one tyfoon
Attack bike
A battle force

Is there anything els you think I should get if so please write.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Battle report: Space marines Terran Hands (my army) VS Imperial gaurd.

Points: 500.
Rules: 4th edition.
mission: anilate.

Space marines:
Captain Scatrall of 2nd company: artificer armour, combi-melta, power fist
Tactical squad Burnbreath: 8 men, flamer
Tactical squad Flamefist: 5 men, missle launcher
Deverstator squad hammer hunters: sargent 3 men 2 heavy bolters, one missile launcher.
Dreadnaught Stargone

Imperial gaurd:
Colonel schafer
Karskin squad: 10 man flamer, grenade launcher.
conscript platoon: flamer grenade launcher.
heavy wepon platforms

Turn one: I started by moving all my stuff up ready for a big showdown then stuart bdid the same.
Turn two: I put Flamefist inside a building and opened fire then started shooting a Styu's platoon.
My deverstators shot at one of the five man squads of Karskins and slayed 3 then I moved my dreadnaught up to the building with my comander .
Stuart returned fire with everything but was pretty inefectual exept for when they charged Burnbreath.
The rest of the battle I'll sum up, all that happened was the shooting went realy badly for me and Burnbreath was reduced too to models, my dread took on his walker and eventually killed it
as for the deverstaters they only managed a couple of lucky shots and the good news for me was that his heavy wepons did next to nothing in the end we just counted minutures and it came to a draw.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

News: the new vindicator.

Yes I got the vindicator, it's fabulaous it has a exstreamly powerful demolisher cannon which is strength 10 AP 2. I am going to build mine with a ram just because it looks so cool.
If your a space marine collecter or a chaos collecter, get this model it looks cool and wreaks havoc.......Ahahahahanhahahha! click here for games workshop to find out more.
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