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Monday, 30 November 2009

Green Stuff: A tricky medium or a lovely tool (how you use it).

When doing my chaos nurgle sorcs I loved green stuff. I could do almost anything with it. Bu when I came to sculpt some fur I found it incredibly difficult. now i know this is just practice but I do find that green stuff is much better when the shape you need is not perfectly exact.

I know that this post is only short but please. tell us how use use GS and whether you like it.

Thanks for reading,


Sunday, 29 November 2009

Fluff: Iconography.

When painting an army it is important to carry out a cohesive theme in some way, be it it army markings or even just colour. The hard part is fining the right icon. Some have a general meaning like sword=war but some have a much deeper meaning like shattered sword=dark angels and all there background.

I have chosen ragnar for my wolves, this means that all of the other chapter symbols which come in the space wolf kits need to just be generalised and not revered so they will be all painted gold or something along those lines whereas the Ragnar symbols will be distinct.

This helps everything to fit together and look like 1 army. Just like the fact that my wolf guard use a different colour scheme to my regular guys but it is similar steps to tie them in whilst still marking them out.

So when you paint that saim-hann symbol just think about the meaning behind tat symbol.

Thanks for reading,


Saturday, 28 November 2009

Scenarios: Ya know, those attack ones!

So, a while ago I said something about missions that make you attack rarther than dance around. Here is the first 1:

The space craft smashed into the warp, hitting a roaming rack which had maintained it's atmosphere. The troops dropped out of there damaged space craft, only to find another race had done the same. Suddenly objects started dropping from the skies, both sides saw images of there most sacred lost items and rushed to claim them. Only as they arrived, the objects disapeared but each left material worth a small amount to each side like bolter shells for example.

Forces. As normal.

Set-up: pitched battle, special missionas shown below. Roll off for table sides as normal. Deployment zones are 12'' on from the long table edges.

Game length: as normal.

Rules: Each player has 3 objectives to place in his deployment area, these objectives can only be claimed by your opponent but can still be contested by your troops. Each objectives moves 3D6 inches in a random direction at the start of each game turn. If it hits a table edge it bounces off at a right angle. At the end of every game turn for every objective you control you gain 1 point. After 4 turns the armies become wise to the chaos tricks and the objectives disapear after counting up points. From then on 5 lesser daemons appear at the start of each turn, deepstriking onto the centre of trhe table or if that would cause a mishap result move the unit the minimum distance from the affending models/terrain. Roll off at the start of each turn to see who controls the units. As well as objectives you also must use kill points. Whoever kills the daemons also gains kill points for them (you may shoot/assault at them if you control them and in assault they will not strike back. You may also move the daemons out of assault). Whoever has the most points/killpoints at the end of the game wins.)

So, what do you think. Any good. help me alter it to make it fair. Thanks for reading,


Friday, 27 November 2009

Building models. Batch or single.

No, let me make this clear. I batch paint and like to think I have quite a high standard even if I am no golden daemon painter. But when it comes to building, I do it one by one. Here are the pros and cons of each method.

Batch pros: while the glue dries on one thing you can do the next thing.

Cons: The models built this way can end up not as well thought out and can fall crooked if your not careful.

Single pros: Your models can be well thought out and you can take you time without worrying about other models.

Cons: it takes longer.

So, what do you think. I preffer Single how about you. Thanks for reading,


Thursday, 26 November 2009

Discussions: #10, Is stuff translated from fluff to gameplay correctly.

When ever I read a black library novel I find that the space marines are amazing fighters but in game they are mediocre. Now I know that this has been said before and that lots of movie marines rules have been written but i found some good ones:


Have a look and tell us what you think. The same happens with other armies as well. Eldar should be able to just turn up anywhere without scatter and orks should be unstopable once enraged.

So, what do you think. Is the game a little to diluted but then again if everything got better then it would turn out similar because everything would be tougher and stronger. Marines are just a little too diluted though, maybe make like 25 marines makes up an army or something.

Don't get me wrong I love the game I just think that it doesn't always fit the fluff.

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Marines: Chainsword, should it work and are it's rules right.

Hi, today I thought i'd talk about a relatively hotly debated topic on chainswords. No.1 is whether they should actually work and no.2 is what they should do in game.

No.1: Argument 1 is that a whirling bladewould just bounce of anything armored. I mean the teeth would turn so fast they would kick the weapon back. Also some armies have them whiring on both sides mening that they are just and dangerous to the user as the enemy.

Argument 2 is that space marines are strong enough and they thing whirs quick enough with very sharp blades that they could stop the kick and still cut propperly. The bit about it being dangerous to the user can be countered by the fact that space marines should not be overpowered so it should never come close to them in a sword lock. Some say they would be unweildy but space marines are increibly strong and could conter that.

No.2 In game they are just considered CCW's but in books they are an incredible weapon of destruction! So, maybe they should be alterative power weapons and you should be able to take combat blades as CCW's. That would make more sence to me.

So, what is you position on this. Do you like the chainsword thing or think it is silly. Tell us.

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Soap Box: Drax and Gw stores!

Hi, Jacob here. This is the next instalment of the soap box. Please send you entries to me using my email. On the left of my blog is a bit telling you about the soap box and a link to the post explaining what to do and that post has my email on it. Anyway I'm rambling. Please enter the soap box and read this latest one, it's Drax:

Drax's Soap Box Moment: GW STORES
Here's my twopenn'orth on Games Workshop Stores. Now, I've been into this hobby (with the half-decade hiatus that so many of us appear to have taken) since the early nineties, and since that time I've been in many GW stores throughout the UK and elsewhere. Rarely have I ever enjoyed the experience.

Don't get me wrong: I love looking at the pretty models, and I particularly enjoyed the 'bargain buckets' they used to have in the old days...I certainly don't want to gripe at the hobby itself here, as I seemingly keep participating in the consumption of what many seem to term 'plastic crack', but I usually find the experience singularly dismal.

GW Norwich was my old local store before I moved across the country, and was - I believe - rather typical. There was one chap in there, called Chris, who was lovely! He'd let me browse, avoid haranguing me, seem genuinely interested in my replies and he never tried to sell me anything! Consequently, I frequently bought things from him. Better still, he was decent enough to vaguely remember me from one visit to the next. Thank you, Chris.

On the other hand, the Norwich store was forever haunted by the gangly, unkempt, unfragrant and seemingly unwashed Annoying Guy. Annoying Guy was the one who pounced on everyone who came in. Annoying Guy was the one who always asked you the same formulaic questions in that weasly, ingratiating way usually reserved for dayglo-tabard-wearing students who accost you in the high street in order to pressure you into giving money to whichever charity is choosing to waste its money on dayglo tabards and clipboards.

But I digress.

He's the guy who'd always shout a little bit too enthusiastically in the demo games; the guy who'd yell 'WAAARGH!' at a novice player before slaughtering his ill-glued force; the guy who always, always wanted to sell you the latest £100 battle box. He annoyed me, he smelled bad, and he made me not want to go in there.

I know that as a 'hooked' 29-year-old 'veteran' I'm not in GW's target market any more, but this ought to be acknowledged, not ignored; and besides, I hated this approach as a kid, too. I know we all wonder at their marketing strategy from time-to-time, but this one really does seem to be an odd choice.

I could go on, but Drax Minora is calling, so here are my closing thoughts on a small selection of stores: GW Norwich = often okay, but sometimes very frustrating; GW Covent Garden = pants; GW Portsmouth = tiresome and surpisingly sparse; GW Cambridge = very unfriendly; GW Plymouth not unpleasant, but oddly apathetic.

Best GW Store for Drax? GW Fox Valley Mall, Chicago, IL, USA. Wonderfully friendly and interesting;

Worst GW Store for Drax? GW Berlin, Germany. Jeez, that place was unfriendly! Brilliant city; grumpy geeks.

Cheers, all,

- Drax.

Jacob: Great stuff Drax and thanks.

My local GW is actually really nice, the two guys in there might ask you whether you have enough glue to do your army but only when you are already buying stuff. they rember me and everyone else. TBH it is more like a mini gaming club that sells stuff than a store. I really enjoy going in there and loads of my high school friends are noramlly there. I am friends with people 2 years above my in school so it gives us a chance to talk proper warhammer.

Thanks for reading,


Monday, 23 November 2009

Army Finishing Project: The great list of stuff!

Hi, here is the list complete with how many points things are worth as explained below. This is mainly for me and you will repeatedly see this over and over again as I complete stuff. Anyway, here is rthe points rules:

OK, I want to earn points for painting but I want to spend them on something. So, some usints have - points costs which means to paint them I have to paint other stuff fist this is to stop me from painting all the nice bit and leaving the rest, first shown is the points value when finished then the actual thing and then finally the tutorial that will go with that thing, on with the list:


5pts Reedeemer-built-primered-half painted tutorial: adding that extra bit.
2pts LR-built-painted-needs some slight changes tutorial: repainting.
-2pts 5scouts- built tutorial: cloth
5pts 10sallies- nearly done tutorial: conversions on regular guys.
4pts Rhino-built-primered tutorial: getting nice flat colours and possibly line highlighting.
3pts 2sallies rhinos- need details tutorial: writing on tanks.
2pts Dread-needs some repairing and some redoing tutorial: adding to models.
5pts 5assault marines: built tutorial: adding the combat image.
1pts some reapir work. tutorial: probably none.

SPACE WOLVES Tutorials: not sure yet

3pts Drop pod-built
10pts 20 grey hunters- 10 built
-1pts 5wolf scouts-built
3pts 4long fangs-built
4pts Whirlwind-half built
3pts 4wolf guard- built
2pts Rune priest- built
2pts 10 blood claws- need highlights

P.S. I have included the wolf guard joining units in that units cost.
Warriors Of Chaos

6pts 5knights- built-primerd-1 nearly done. tutorial:washes and magic
3pts warshrine-primered-more being added. tutorial: scratch building.
5pts 12 WoC- built primered. tutorial:adding to units maybe
3pts 12 WoC-need details. tutorial:fur
12pts 15 marauder cav- built tutorial: painting black skin maybe more.
10pts 20 marauders- need details tutorial: wood
-4 Palanquin- built- partialy painted tutorial: intricate nurgle
-6 to do but +3 when done Lord on disk tutorial: probably fire.
-3 odd dude from Games Day- built tutorial: random models.

So, what do you think. Any good? Are you looking forward to the tutorials.

thanks for reading,


Sunday, 22 November 2009

Army Lists: Does everyone take a top build. In my area the answer is NO!

Is it just me or does it seem that on the web everyone thinks that there is a lack of players that just play for fun and don't always take the max build. I mean fantasy in particular because I know that touney scene better from podcasts. I mean Dark Elves are supposed to be the end all on the tourney scene but a lot of players think they are very weak and that the hydra is too expensive in lower points! What a difference is that.

Lash is still a bigish deal and people think it's neat in my area but we just stick in rhinos or blast away at the princes. There is also a lack of double tyrand and double prince lists.

What I'm trying to say is that not everyone takes a tourney build some people just take something competative but not OTT.

So, what do you take. How is your local area in comparion to the tourney scene. Tell me please!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Tutorials: 3 ways to paint Gold (sorry no pics).

Hi, Jacob here. Thought I would put up this tutorial that I have been planning for a while. Sorry for not posting yesterday, I went to this concert of children in need! I will be back on track from now on.

So number 1 to paint gold:

Base the area in Iyanden darksun
Paint a few layers of shining gold on
Wash with Devlan mud
highlight shining gold
optional highlight of gold mixed with mithril silver.

I have been using this method for a while but I think the other two might be better. Not tried the others as much yet.

Number 2 way to paint Gold:

Base Tallarn flesh
Paint on gold a few times
same highlighting as above.

This is just a simple swap of base colour. I need to try this out bhut it should work.

Number 3 way:

Base tin bitz
paint on gold a few times
same highlighting as above.

This way is what some of my mates at GW use. Not tried it yet.

So, what do you think. The second two methods I picked up from other people whereas I came up with the first one!

How do you do it and what do you think of my method. Tell us.

Thanks for reading,


Thursday, 19 November 2009

Discussions: #9 Aesthetic, do you like dirty or clean.

I have been wondering this week. Do you like your minis looking pristine or like they are in the fight 24/7. I mean Smurfs might like looking clean but you may want them a sort of 'minimal grubby but still dirty because I've been in a fight!' type thing.

Two ends of the spectrum are Ron's Deathwing (very dirty) and my models before I add battle damage. With my painting style most of my models are painted cleanly then dirtied us with dirt and battle damage.

So, so you preffer the look of dirty guys or clean guys or do you have a bit of a formula for choosing!

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Basing: Snow, sand, mud, grass or what?

So, I am always trying to improve my miniture techniques, from varnishing to using green stuff. Now, one of my next steps is basing. I want to start doing it. There will be a discussion up on My Space Wolf Blog about how to base them but I want to know what matches well with what colours here.

Basing ties in with this week because it really adds an aethetic to a model, gives it a sence of reality.

Do you think that certain colours accentuate certain basing styles or is it the type of model or both!

I mean that a guardsman in green may want a grassy base becuse he would want camo but normally you would want the base to be different from the main colour.

Sand, snow and grass or a mix are the main basing types. Personally i like sand painted gravly or mixed with grass but I do like the old snow standard thing. I don't know whether this would work but I had a radical idea for frosted grass. Don't shake up you varnish and spray for instant 'frosting' it works on models so why not!

So, what do you like for basing and how do you do it. If you have any tips then please tell them to us.

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tuesday Gaming: Let down and pick up.

So, I was let down at the club today as my opponent had to go early so I only got in a 650 point game. Then when we started playing I had great fun and remembered after 2 turns to use the storm bolter on the drop pod. I got smashed by chaos but oh well!

I did a lot of talking and building of the clubs stuff. We made some kind of plans of what to do in the future!

My list was a rune priest in term armor with all the jazz, 9 bloodclaws and a wolf guard (he let me off o only having 1) and 10 grey hunters. Blood claws in pod. Not to bad but I needed some ranged support.

Thanks for reading,


Monday, 16 November 2009

Fluff: The two missing Primarchs theorys and cannon round up!

So, as part of this week I said I would find some stuff as well as write it. So last night I spend a couple of hours looking for threads that had good info, here are a load of links:

Relic News
Heresy Online
40K online
Dakka Dakka (or at least one of their many ones)
Interesting topic

Now are a few things that I thought interesting if you want more then use the links, anyway, on with the stuff:

The two lost Primarchs might represent the two completely lost roman legions in Roman history.

The two Primarchs may be in halo andbghost stars etc where the emperor's light can't reach.

One of them may be Sigmar from fanatsy. This is shown in some of the threads but one big clue is the fact his symbol is a two tailed comet and all the primarchs arrived via a comet.

It is a new theory to me but it seem pretty solid that the warhammer world is in the 40k universe be either constantly covered by warp storms or in the eye of terror. This has been proven in some of the older fluff!

Here is a quote from one guy:

'A reasonable suggestion I've seen before was that they rebelled against the Emperor not due to Chaos influence but due to their own beliefs. Without an outside source to blame for their "corruption" records of them were removed to preserve a notion of infallibility or undoubtable morality for the Emperor.'

So, what do you think of this new style of post, do you like it. Tell me please.

Thanks for reading,


Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Soap Box: Adam from space wolves talking about blogging!

Hi, Jacob here. Today we have Adam Hunter. He has a really good post here! Here it comes:

Hello everybody! Adam Hunter from the Space Wolves blog here to talk about blogging, where your traffic comes from, what your readers want and how to use Google Analytics.

Quick Thought on the Blogosphere
Before we get our teeth into analysing your traffic and meeting the needs (and demands) of your target audience, I wanted to thank Jacob for his Soap Box. It's a fantastic platform for people to talk about general goings on in the blogosphere or the hobby itself without distracting from the focus of their own blogs and when I see Gamers World on the blogroll of every 40K blog, you know it's going to be read by the community. So hats off to Jacob for a brilliant idea. He's only a young lad, but I reckon he'll go far!

Get on with it you say? Alright I will...

What Do Your Readers Want?
Good question, because they don't actually tell you. You simply have to judge their responses by comments that they leave. Surely the more comments your post gets, the more popular it is? Think again!

There's a handy tool called Google Analytics that everyone with a Blogspot has access to. It shows you where your traffic comes from, whether it's search engines, other websites or from people who have bookmarked you. It's pretty straightforward to install (and I'm an html noob!).

I'm going to compare 2 blogs: my current Space Wolves blog and my Warhammer Tau blog. Between them you can see trends in the community, in search engines and how the community responds to different types of blog posts.

Warhammer Tau
Looking at the graph, you can see that Warhammer Tau gets from 400 up to 600 visits per day with a big peak when Space Hulk was announced. Each peak in the graph represents a new post, which brought in more visits from the blogosphere.

In the pie chart with the smaller graphs beside it, you can see how Direct Traffic has increased over time -representing people bookmarking the site.

Referring Sites shows traffic from blogs and other websites, usually from blogrolls.

Search Engine shows traffic from search engines. You can see the massive spike in visits that coincides with my Space Hulk post. This clearly shows that all my visits for Space Hulk came from search engines and not the community. I later found that this was because I had been featured in the Google News results for the search term 'space hulk'.

Over time you can see that Direct Traffic increases (as the blog becomes better known socially) while there is a rise and fall in Referring Sites. Search Engine traffic however, grows slowly, but steadily. So even if I stopped upating the blog, I'd still receive 40% of my visits.

If you look at the pie chart, you can see that 46% of visits are from referring sites. 40% are from search engines and 14% is direct traffic.

Space Wolves
The Space Wolves blog is a comparatively new site, so it doesn't have a huge community following, which is evident from the analytics.

As before, each spike in the general traffic graph represents a post. And across all the graphs you can see the effect the release of the new Space Wolves Codex had on the blogosphere, the search engines and the direct visits to the blog.

However, 49% of visits come from search engines, 38% from referring sites and only 13% from direct traffic.

Measuring Content
The best way to measure if your latest blog post was any good isn't by the comments, but by the peak in visits. If you make a number of blog posts over a month and find that shortly after your Direct Traffic rises from people following and bookmarking you, then you know you're doing something right.

Generally, if you're writing some well constructed tutorials, the search engines will send more traffic your way too.

So this means that your posts should not only have an engaging title and an eye catching picture to look good in the blogroll listings and pull in reader, but have some substance and value in them to increase your followers.

But What Do My readers Want!?
The easiest way to find that out is to look at your Google Analytics a few days after you've made your latest post.

I found that Tactic posts on Warhammer Tau would get a lot of visits and usually a lot of comments.

However, on Space Wolves, Tactics haven't received much traffic. It's the modelling and painting that people are interested in instead. But Tactic posts do get more comments -proof that comments are not the best way to measure the success of your blog.

Following an Army
People like to read battle reports and generally follow someone else's army.

I had a dozen or so Tau players avidly following my Warhammer Tau army. Similarly, Fritz from The Way of Saim Hann has been so successful because people are following his army. Whether the rate of traffic depends on the popularity of that army, the quality or the frequency of posts remains to be seen (probably all three!).

Round Up
Hopefully this look into Google Analytics has been helpful and given you lots of ideas on how to get more visitors to your blog, build you fan base and embrace the Warhammer 40K blogosphere.

Happy gaming and happy blogging!

Jacob: What a great post, I learned a lot! Thanks for the comments Adam they are greatly appreciated! So, what do you thing. Tell us.

Thanks for reading,


Saturday, 14 November 2009

Battles: 6000 points side Fantasy battle and unit testing!

Hi, today I spend a lot of time in my local GW. I played 2000 points of chaos against 3200 pts of empire and 2800 pts of brets. Of course I also had the hellp of vampires and skaven both had 2000 pts.

I build a unit using my palanquin BSB and some warriors, I have played 3 games with it and in the first 2 it got charged but then I had to go. Today I got to play with it and I love it!!!

The game turned out to be a minor victory to us and it was a hard fought game that I really enjoyed. It has been the first game I have won exept for against Stu but that was when we were both learning and not playing with all the rules.

Now, as this week is about the whole aesthetic, I'll tell you how this links in! The whole thing is fact that it can be extremely fun to play in big mega battles if you have a good team to play with. The narrative links in
because in big battles the view is quite staggering and actually looks like a bit of a battle rarther than a scrap!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Themeing: Next weeks theme! Background and Narrative.

So, I thought I'd theme next week to see how it goes. remember in my results post I said occasionally I would theme my weeks! So, next weeks theme will be...

... Background and narrative. I thought I would release some of my own. Find some and give some tips on other things. This will include some fluff for my wolves, maybe a book review, some interesting thigs about 'fun' styles of play and maybe some other stuff.

I do still reserve the right to post about important other stuff too!!!

Thanks for reading,


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Discussions: #8 Painting, fast or slow, neat or wild. How do you do it!

Hi, Jacob here, this weeks post is about whether you paint different things fast or slow and whether you do lots of neat paintwork or a wild method that might be considered quick and dirty! 1 person I know has quite a bit of patience but not much skill, so he paints his armies slow but in a wild way. This is Stu who has been interviewed before.

With his ogres he spends time on all of this but it is a simple metod. The skin is just tallarn flesh washed heavily with devlan mud. This is very simple but when time is taken over it looks decent.

Some peoples character models are 20-40 hour masterpieces but others are jsut a complicated soldier model.

Another example is me and faces. I've never had much practice at this but now I just use tallarn flesh, highlight dwarf/elf flesh, paint teeth etc and done. Eyes are a tough point for me but I'm learning!

So, how do you paint. Are you top class with a quick and neat job or are you different with a slow and dirty job. Both work, one just takes more practice. White undercoats require a neater method weher as black allows for a dark gritty but wild painted look.

Please tell us where you sit and how you are. Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Army Lists: Comping at tourneys.

So, I was thinking. At tourneys with comp (it's mostly in fantasy tourneys but still) should they be co ping down 'good' lists. What I mean is that at the moment, weak armies are given a bonus so that they can compete and very competative builds are given a negative then medium builds are given a smaller negative. Should this be the case or should really good builds be comped down, super weak builds be left alone (because they are playing for extra points  in comp) and good builds be comped up for going in in the spirit of the tourney. I think a balance is neccersary. But I do think that good but not over powered builds should be given more of a bonus for being fair.

So, what do you think. How would you have it. Tell us.

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tuesday Gaming: of Tau and Tyranids

So, today was my school warhammer clubs gaming night. I taught a Tay player how to play and had some fun with my wolves. I can't belive that I rolled 5 dice consecutively for terminator 2+ armours and rolled 4 ones, this resulted in my 'super' four man termie squad and rune priest to just a rune priest. I had fun still. The nid game was not mine but a friends though I controlled the long fangs I was letting him use for a couple of turns. It's funny how, on the web nids are considered underpowered but in out gaming group, because not every one is that experienced, canifexes are considered overpowered for the points and the army can get silly with the amount of models!

So, overall I really enjoyed this week. Look back again next tuesday for a game report on my first proper outing with wolves!!!

Thanks for reading,


Monday, 9 November 2009

Army Lists: How I go about it!

Hi, this post was origonaly posted on my space wolf blog but I thought it was suitable for here so. here is a copy and paste of the post:

When building a list I bear certain things in mind, here they are in steps:

The theme for the list (eg. Ragnar blackmane or mech marines or mortar gunline guard).

Style of list (eg. drop pods, flamers, meltaguns).

Tactics (eg. Drop down and then suicide attack or play conservatively before a last turn objective grab).

Depending on style either HQ or troops, for me generally HQ


The other one out of HQ and Troops.

Anything else.

Tot up points.

Get list under the points limit.

look at list as a whole.Make any ammendmants.
Now, you may write lists differently or think my way is not very effective. So, tell us what you do and what you think of what I do!

Thanks for reading,


Sunday, 8 November 2009

Army finishing project: More formulated ideas!

So, I was thinking some thing like this:

Finished basic foot troop-1 pt
Finished medium foot troop-2pt
Finished complex foot troop-3pt
Finished foot character-4pt
Character cav/bike-5pt

Ammendmenst to points may be made at a later date. When I list things I will sometimes give them a - point value. This means I will have to spend accumilated points to paint them. this will help me get all my stuff done and not just the characters etc!

Tell us what you think guys, thanks for reading,


Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Soap Box: My turn, with my new blog!

Hi, this is Jacob. I just thought I would keep the soap box going by posting my self.

I have recently started a new blog HERE it is about my progress with a space wolf army hopefully led by ragnar blackmane and his buddies. It is a place for me to put anything space wolves and gives people a chance to follow me with 1 army. Soon there will be a load of pictures up of what I have been doing. I need to get my new blog out there as I started it through comments on how to make a good quality blog post. So, please help me and go to it, it would really help get it going! Thanks.


Friday, 6 November 2009

My Army: I need to finish stuff, lots of stuff.

So, I have recently decided that I need to slow down on spending stuff and finish what I have got. I have quite a bit of space marine stuff. Quite a bit of WoC stuff and then I have my wolves stuff. this means that from now I will be spending a lot less and working on the above instead. I will post up a list of everything I have soon and will devise a painting points scheme. I don't want to use Lone pilgrims because I have a different problem to him. Instead I want to do a 'if I paint this I can use points to buy my self the ability to paint say a character'. Anyway. Please tell me what you think and whether in you opinion it will work,

Thanks for reading,


Thursday, 5 November 2009

White dwarf: No.359 review (the rat men are here) and 200th post!


Hi, this is my 200th post and also this months white dwarf review. Sorry it's a bit late but i have been steeing up my new space wolf blog, check that out HERE. Anyway, on with the review:

In this white dwarf there is:
Design notes on Skaven
Rules for last months lord of the ring stuff in the strategy battle game
the second part of the Harad campaign
Some scenarios for fighting on Fenris and a little campaign for our space wolves
White dwarf sub in a box mini
New releases
news Standard bearer
A new battlefield challenge
The directory
Painting masters catch up with previous winners
Painting workshop: Easterlings
Army masters space wolves
Eavy metal korsarro khan
Battle for Grim Duraz battle rep

In the news we have the new skaven army book (duh)! 20 clan rats for £20, 20 storm vermin for£30, screaming bell/plauge furnace for £35, the doomwheel for £20, queek headtaker for £8, Deathmaster snikch for £8, the battalion consisting of: 40 clanrats, 20 plauge monks 2 rat ogres, 6giant rats and 3 packmasters for £55.

From the black library we have liber chaotica 2009, blood pact by dan abnett, the sequel to scourge the heretic calles innocence proves nothing and the empire army series continues with iron company.

Nothing new from forge world.

Tyranids are confirmed and there is a new creature well many new creatures (like we didn't know). A couple of other odd bits like the old old giant being found and warhammer invasion the card game.

Weblore which is basically an advert for the Gw site.

Christmas wish lists now open for use. Along with the win a battalion or battle force for finding independant retailers.

Now onto the real articles, the verminous hoard, this is the design notes, gives lots of clear pics of the minis which is nice. Other tan that what you would expect really, the detailed look at sprues is of clan rats and there are NO repeats in this box. Shows that thought went into this book and also suggests some tactics. there is also a bit of a look at the war machines the Skaven have to offer. A bit of a tutorial on painting Skaven, looks good and relatively simple.

In saurons sinister service are the LoTR SBG rules for last months models. Looks good and was a good fun read.

Blood and sand pt2 sees us catch up with the contenders and shows some very inspiring pics, take a look even if you don't read it! Scenarios for next month look promising!

Battle for the fang, basically what i said before, some rules for fighting on fenris and some cool scenarios. the fluff is eccelent and i want to play with some of these.

A view of the battleforces is next, meh.

The battle report. this is very interesting and the scenario make the two large skaven armies bicker as well as fight the dwarfs to control just 1 tower which spurts out random death. run by a game master this scenario is all about getting into character and having fun.

the 3500 pt dwaf army has: Dwarf lord, rune lord, rune smith, thane, thane, dragon slayer, 20x2 warriors, 20 long beards, 10 thunderers, 10 thunderers, 10 quarrelers, 18 hammerers, 20 slayers, 20 miners, grudge thrower, cannon, organ gun, flame cannon.
The skaven army was packed full of toys with 2 doomwhells, a plague furnace and a bel, all in 2 2000 point armies. Both were centred around big blocks of clan rats and plague monks respectively.

The battle was a good read with the bickering between the two skaven generals getting phychal and in game. i won't spoil it for you but it was close!!!

Standard bearer is all about our hobby being hard to acces, niche, effort and time consuming and him thinking that's a good thing because it stops people with no enthusiasm from coming in also he say GW will never do pre painted stuff.

The new white dwarf model in grombrindle in SPACE, cool but a bit, meh! a little tutorial on how to paint him as well.

the new battlefield challenge looks to be interesting, it's called dawn raid basically up a point is night fight and the defender starts with objectives the attacker has a small advantage, who ever has most objectives wins!!!

the painting masters is fantastic! we catch up with some of the best from other white dwarfs and there is some fantastic painting. you need to see it to belive it!!!

Easterling tutorial is good and useful tips on many tecniques!

Space wolves army look is just plain cool with lots of battle dammage!!!

Kor'sarro Kahn mini tutorial is cool but the white tips are eccelent, it tells you how to get a warm, neutral and cold white well!!!

next there is a little look at some marine special characters. Cool stuff!

the rest is a load of adverts. Fortress of redemption next month!

Overall a really nice white dwarf, very impressed!


Hi, Jacob here, A while back I bought some high desity polystrene to make some decent terrain. I will be making hills hopefully rock spires which will count as trees. I hope they turn out well and I will keep you up date!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Space wolves: I have a new blog about space wolves

Hi, just thought I'd let you know that i have made a new blog about space wolves. that means that this blog will contain everything other than space wolves but my other blog will contain all my space wolf stuff. View my new blog HERE.

Thanks for reading,


Monday, 2 November 2009

Space wolves: No pics update with a big update coming tomorrow!!!

Hi, today i have built 4 wolf guard termies and started the conversion for my termie pune priest and i built a drop pod. Pics to come tomorrow and there might be a big change round the corner. Anyway. look back tomorrow for more of an update.
Thanks for reading,


Sunday, 1 November 2009


Hi, just updating to tell you that I got a space wolf battleforce just now!!!

My Birthday: Space wolf stuff so far!

Hi, B-day update 2. Here is my space wolf stuff so far today. Sorry for the dodgey pics as I took them quickly.

Here are the wolf guard termies. I want to make four as just that and then 1 as a rune priest in termie armor who can be used as a normal termie sometimes too (maybe even a wolf guard battle leader in smaller games at a push!).

Here is the codex. I have been reading through it and enjoying the Ragnar stuff!!!

Thanks for reading,


Supprises: IT'S MY B-DAY and I got loads of stuff.

Hi, today is my birthday and I have just opened a load of presents. I am posting from my new amazing laptop and I have had lots of non 40k related things but I also have the new space wolf codex and space wolf termies box (I know that I have more to come). There will be lots more posts today so watch out!!!
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