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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Marines: Chainsword, should it work and are it's rules right.

Hi, today I thought i'd talk about a relatively hotly debated topic on chainswords. No.1 is whether they should actually work and no.2 is what they should do in game.

No.1: Argument 1 is that a whirling bladewould just bounce of anything armored. I mean the teeth would turn so fast they would kick the weapon back. Also some armies have them whiring on both sides mening that they are just and dangerous to the user as the enemy.

Argument 2 is that space marines are strong enough and they thing whirs quick enough with very sharp blades that they could stop the kick and still cut propperly. The bit about it being dangerous to the user can be countered by the fact that space marines should not be overpowered so it should never come close to them in a sword lock. Some say they would be unweildy but space marines are increibly strong and could conter that.

No.2 In game they are just considered CCW's but in books they are an incredible weapon of destruction! So, maybe they should be alterative power weapons and you should be able to take combat blades as CCW's. That would make more sence to me.

So, what is you position on this. Do you like the chainsword thing or think it is silly. Tell us.

Thanks for reading,

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