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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tuesday Gaming: of Tau and Tyranids

So, today was my school warhammer clubs gaming night. I taught a Tay player how to play and had some fun with my wolves. I can't belive that I rolled 5 dice consecutively for terminator 2+ armours and rolled 4 ones, this resulted in my 'super' four man termie squad and rune priest to just a rune priest. I had fun still. The nid game was not mine but a friends though I controlled the long fangs I was letting him use for a couple of turns. It's funny how, on the web nids are considered underpowered but in out gaming group, because not every one is that experienced, canifexes are considered overpowered for the points and the army can get silly with the amount of models!

So, overall I really enjoyed this week. Look back again next tuesday for a game report on my first proper outing with wolves!!!

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