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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Tutorials: 3 ways to paint Gold (sorry no pics).

Hi, Jacob here. Thought I would put up this tutorial that I have been planning for a while. Sorry for not posting yesterday, I went to this concert of children in need! I will be back on track from now on.

So number 1 to paint gold:

Base the area in Iyanden darksun
Paint a few layers of shining gold on
Wash with Devlan mud
highlight shining gold
optional highlight of gold mixed with mithril silver.

I have been using this method for a while but I think the other two might be better. Not tried the others as much yet.

Number 2 way to paint Gold:

Base Tallarn flesh
Paint on gold a few times
same highlighting as above.

This is just a simple swap of base colour. I need to try this out bhut it should work.

Number 3 way:

Base tin bitz
paint on gold a few times
same highlighting as above.

This way is what some of my mates at GW use. Not tried it yet.

So, what do you think. The second two methods I picked up from other people whereas I came up with the first one!

How do you do it and what do you think of my method. Tell us.

Thanks for reading,

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