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Monday, 16 November 2009

Fluff: The two missing Primarchs theorys and cannon round up!

So, as part of this week I said I would find some stuff as well as write it. So last night I spend a couple of hours looking for threads that had good info, here are a load of links:

Relic News
Heresy Online
40K online
Dakka Dakka (or at least one of their many ones)
Interesting topic

Now are a few things that I thought interesting if you want more then use the links, anyway, on with the stuff:

The two lost Primarchs might represent the two completely lost roman legions in Roman history.

The two Primarchs may be in halo andbghost stars etc where the emperor's light can't reach.

One of them may be Sigmar from fanatsy. This is shown in some of the threads but one big clue is the fact his symbol is a two tailed comet and all the primarchs arrived via a comet.

It is a new theory to me but it seem pretty solid that the warhammer world is in the 40k universe be either constantly covered by warp storms or in the eye of terror. This has been proven in some of the older fluff!

Here is a quote from one guy:

'A reasonable suggestion I've seen before was that they rebelled against the Emperor not due to Chaos influence but due to their own beliefs. Without an outside source to blame for their "corruption" records of them were removed to preserve a notion of infallibility or undoubtable morality for the Emperor.'

So, what do you think of this new style of post, do you like it. Tell me please.

Thanks for reading,

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