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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Scenarios: Ya know, those attack ones!

So, a while ago I said something about missions that make you attack rarther than dance around. Here is the first 1:

The space craft smashed into the warp, hitting a roaming rack which had maintained it's atmosphere. The troops dropped out of there damaged space craft, only to find another race had done the same. Suddenly objects started dropping from the skies, both sides saw images of there most sacred lost items and rushed to claim them. Only as they arrived, the objects disapeared but each left material worth a small amount to each side like bolter shells for example.

Forces. As normal.

Set-up: pitched battle, special missionas shown below. Roll off for table sides as normal. Deployment zones are 12'' on from the long table edges.

Game length: as normal.

Rules: Each player has 3 objectives to place in his deployment area, these objectives can only be claimed by your opponent but can still be contested by your troops. Each objectives moves 3D6 inches in a random direction at the start of each game turn. If it hits a table edge it bounces off at a right angle. At the end of every game turn for every objective you control you gain 1 point. After 4 turns the armies become wise to the chaos tricks and the objectives disapear after counting up points. From then on 5 lesser daemons appear at the start of each turn, deepstriking onto the centre of trhe table or if that would cause a mishap result move the unit the minimum distance from the affending models/terrain. Roll off at the start of each turn to see who controls the units. As well as objectives you also must use kill points. Whoever kills the daemons also gains kill points for them (you may shoot/assault at them if you control them and in assault they will not strike back. You may also move the daemons out of assault). Whoever has the most points/killpoints at the end of the game wins.)

So, what do you think. Any good. help me alter it to make it fair. Thanks for reading,

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