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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Army Lists: Comping at tourneys.

So, I was thinking. At tourneys with comp (it's mostly in fantasy tourneys but still) should they be co ping down 'good' lists. What I mean is that at the moment, weak armies are given a bonus so that they can compete and very competative builds are given a negative then medium builds are given a smaller negative. Should this be the case or should really good builds be comped down, super weak builds be left alone (because they are playing for extra points  in comp) and good builds be comped up for going in in the spirit of the tourney. I think a balance is neccersary. But I do think that good but not over powered builds should be given more of a bonus for being fair.

So, what do you think. How would you have it. Tell us.

Thanks for reading,

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