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Friday, 30 January 2009

Painting: LoTR and orks.

Ok, I don't have pics yet but I do have some news.

Orks: I have started painting my warboss, I don't know what to call him yet though. The whole ork clan will either be called the Blood ----- (-= insert name) or the skull smashers, any ideas?

LoTR: Right, so me and my mate will eventually get into LoTR (after I have done marines, got a decent amount od Orks and Warriors of chaos (my fantasy army)) I have already painted Legolas and Merry which I got free from a mate and I may slowly build my collection.

Fantasy: Like above I have decided to get some Warriors of Chaos.

40k: Marines are proceding, I need to finish a tac squad then prime and paint 2 rhinos, 2 speeders, 5 assault marines and 5 scouts then Marines are finsihed and I can move onto orks and WoC.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Building: progress

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I have been in centre parcs as of late.

Almost all of my marines are now built with just one land speeder left to build (pics to come)

Here is a list of my marine army:


AoBR cappy
Termi chaplain
Vang Kantra


AoBR dread
12 termies


40 tac marines (combat squad left to build but that will be built over a period of time as I add slowly to my collection of marines. Orks and warriors of chaos starting at some point).
10 scouts

4 rhinos (possibilty for some razorbacks)

Fast Attack

3 landspeeders (with missile launchers)
3 bikes
10 assault marines

Heavy support

Land raider
Land raider reedeemer
dev squad

And thats it, I have a good amount of painting left to do. (I hope to have finished by April-May).

Monday, 19 January 2009

Rambles: the first (Those gamers that cant play but wont accept tat you can).

Hi guys, this is the first of what I hope to be many rambles where I am basically just going to talk on a certain subject. This time its those gamers that haven't quite got a grasp for the rules and will not accept that you can tell them more about their codex than they no.

The other day I ran into one such gamer, he was running Necrons and fighting my marines, I ended up having to leave the game half way through but thats not the point. I know pretty much all my stats for all my marines, many of the eldar stats, some of the necron stats, many of the guard stats and a few other scattered stats. He didn't know the strength of a gauss blaster or even a gauss flayer, I did but he insisted on going into his codex, then he didn't know where the summary page in his codex was.

Throughout the game he must have spent 45 mins doing his army list and looking in his codex, plus he kept touching my models while I wrote my army list making me take longer.

Overall I just don't like this trait in people, I don't mean to sound arrogant but it is just my views on this type of people (these are just the thing I dislike as well).

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Converting: Scouts and updates.

Hi guys, this is a propper update:

These guys are the AoBR termies and they are being painted like silver skulls to go with my crusade theme, my land raider will be adjusted to be silver skulls aswell.

Now for some WIP assault marines, I didn't give them running legs as I can find better uses for those.
Now for the scouts, this is just a straight out of the box dude.

Sorry about the blur but this is the side shot of a sergeant, the squad comp is a bit weird as I have 1 bolter scout, 1 shotgun scout, two bolt pistol and chainsword scouts and a heavy bolter scout already so this squad has 1 BP and CS, 2 bolters, 1 BP and PwrW, 1 combi plasma and PP guy.

And another shot where you can see the bolter bit of the built in shoulder mounted combi-plasma.

The other sergeant with a power weapon.

Next guy:
This chap has a shoulder mounted bolter (tutorial at a later date) a big ammo box with a tractor beam grapple and a tractor beamer, he also has a bolt pistol.

Now for the next guy. He has a shoulder mount a pistol and a little mechanicle loader (bit of a bolter).

And now for my dread which I have finally finished.

Thanks for reading this far and comments and critisms are wealcom, hope you like the models.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Off Topic: 2000 hits!

As it says above I have now had 2000 hits.

Codex: Chaos Cultists: Army list.

So, I have now got my first incarnation of an army list:


Dark scion.
Cult Templar.
War dog (Battle Templar).
Cult chief.
Warp Seer.


Cultist squad .
Initiates mob.
Lesser summoned daemons.
Biker mob.


Cult chosen.
Hearaldic summoned daemons.

Heavy Support

Warp gun.
Gun Buggie
Spider weapon platforms.
Gray swords (multi purpose tanks).
Grey sythes (tank hunting infantry).

Fast attack

Jet bikers.
Rush wagon.
Black hearts (assaulters.


Heavy widower.

And thats it, I know there is a lot but I will get rid of some. I will tell you more about each unit at another time.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Salamanders: Long awaited update.

Hi, sorry for not posting for a while, I have a propper update now

This dread is nearly done the arms just need finishing.

I gave the metal a green wash so it looked old and over used.

Now for the cappy, he still needs some work.
One side of the power weapon, it is supposed to look like it is hot at the tip as it was forged through lava, I could get into that but I'll just say it's like lord of the rings when they make the ring only with more fire.

Now for the marines, this first one is the missile launcher dude, most of them don't have weapons or back packs.

This guy you have seen before.
Now for the sergeant. His face wash highlighted brown then washed black.

Sorry for the slight blur in this one.

All the shadows in these pics were natural, I hope you enjoy them.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Codex: Chaos cultists: Men update.

Hi guys, I have been mulling over the cultist codex and I have a new WIP unit entry for normal troop squads, the torturar has been removed for the moment. As a side not I have made good progress with my sallies and I am neally ready to post an update.

Cultist: 5pts BS3 WS3 S3 T3 W1 A1 I4 LD7.
Sergeant: 5pts BS3 WS3 S3 Ts W1 A1 I4 LD8

Squad: The unit numbers between 4 and 30 models + 1 sergeant.

Weapons: All cultists are armed with a daemonic lasgun, a daemonic las pisto and combat weapon, they may swap the pistol for a daemonic bolt pistol for +3pts and they may swap the lasgun for a daemonic bolter for +3pts. The sergeant may take weapons from 1 armoury. Each squad may include between 0 and 2 special from the following list: flamer for +4pts, melta-gun for plus 6pts or plasmagun for +8pts. Each squad may also take between 0-2 heavy weapons from the following list: Warp cutter sniper for +6 points, heavy bolter for +5 points Gattling blazer (the ork gun from the pics) for +10 points, multi-melta for +5 ponts, daemonic lascannon for +10 points or a daemonic plasma cannon for +10 points. Frag+Krak grenades.

They sold their souls: The unit may take 1 mark.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

News: My 2009 Plans.

Hi guys, just posting to say my plans for 09:

1. Finish of my Salamanders and Terran Hands (welll in the works not to much left to do).

2. Start my 40k ork army.

3. At the same time as everything else start my first WHFB army (probabbly dark elves but not shure)

4. Get some of my WIP done.

5. Get my terrain painted.

6.continue with codex: chaos cultists.

7. Keep posting and doing updates.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

News: Ron has returned to the Warp!

Now that Ron has left the FTW blogger group needs someone to take charge, now as others have said I think that we should spread the work, I would be happy to do the round tavles if everyone in the group sent me their E-mail by the address in the right corner of my blog, someone else needs to do the monthly thing and someone needs to do the new members and most of the E-mailing stuff, of course the people doing the round tables and challenges would do their own E-mailing and would post the results up on their blog. I think we should keep the name to remember and honour our founder.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Painting: Vang Kantra finally finished.

Hi, this is my second post today and it is here to show off the brand new, Vang Kantra.

An overall view of him to show his pose.
The banner and the arm: the arm started out as the arm that hols the barrel of the boltgun, first it was twisted at the bit between the shoulder and the arm, then at the elbow then the wrist and finally the hand was bent round to hold the banner, you can also see his bloody scrolls.

His red leg and blades of honour.

Now a pic of his mighty sword, it's name is Earthbreaker and it is made of the finest metal on terra mixed with minerals from DERT and forged in the fires Nocturne. The bike he rides has little streaks and notches, this is because his armour was forget in the same way as his sword, his bike is called Worldeater.
Now for some fluff: Vang is a biker with great tallent, he and a small squad of bikers were at first just ordinary marines, but then, when they met the Salamanders of the Dark Inferno they proved themselves worthy of great speed so they fought together like a power blade and struck fast at their opponents.
Also I have begun work on the sallies I have black reach and another tac squad primed and I have started basecoating.
Make shure you read todays other post bellow.

Terrain: More, more, more/ Salamanders: Reedeemer pics.

Hi, guys, these are some pics of the new reedeemer, I put on a multi-melta so when it gets close it can still cause harm.

As you can see the sponsons are at the front.

This is the first piece of terrain, it hides units pretty well and could be considered difficult terrain.

The back

Another wall like piece that could fill a gap or just sit there.

The frame was made from sprue.

Mini barricade.

Big simple barricade.

A raised platform big enough for you to comfortably fit a 10 man squad or some heavy stuff up there.

Below is a bunker the front is made out of and old CD drive cover.

And now is the proof of the starter set, it doesn't have the marines in.

A view of the terrain.
Trees.And it did come with 20 dark eldar which I can use as dead on bases and such.

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