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Friday, 30 January 2009

Painting: LoTR and orks.

Ok, I don't have pics yet but I do have some news.

Orks: I have started painting my warboss, I don't know what to call him yet though. The whole ork clan will either be called the Blood ----- (-= insert name) or the skull smashers, any ideas?

LoTR: Right, so me and my mate will eventually get into LoTR (after I have done marines, got a decent amount od Orks and Warriors of chaos (my fantasy army)) I have already painted Legolas and Merry which I got free from a mate and I may slowly build my collection.

Fantasy: Like above I have decided to get some Warriors of Chaos.

40k: Marines are proceding, I need to finish a tac squad then prime and paint 2 rhinos, 2 speeders, 5 assault marines and 5 scouts then Marines are finsihed and I can move onto orks and WoC.
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