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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Terrain: More, more, more/ Salamanders: Reedeemer pics.

Hi, guys, these are some pics of the new reedeemer, I put on a multi-melta so when it gets close it can still cause harm.

As you can see the sponsons are at the front.

This is the first piece of terrain, it hides units pretty well and could be considered difficult terrain.

The back

Another wall like piece that could fill a gap or just sit there.

The frame was made from sprue.

Mini barricade.

Big simple barricade.

A raised platform big enough for you to comfortably fit a 10 man squad or some heavy stuff up there.

Below is a bunker the front is made out of and old CD drive cover.

And now is the proof of the starter set, it doesn't have the marines in.

A view of the terrain.
Trees.And it did come with 20 dark eldar which I can use as dead on bases and such.

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