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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Codex: Chaos cultists: Men update.

Hi guys, I have been mulling over the cultist codex and I have a new WIP unit entry for normal troop squads, the torturar has been removed for the moment. As a side not I have made good progress with my sallies and I am neally ready to post an update.

Cultist: 5pts BS3 WS3 S3 T3 W1 A1 I4 LD7.
Sergeant: 5pts BS3 WS3 S3 Ts W1 A1 I4 LD8

Squad: The unit numbers between 4 and 30 models + 1 sergeant.

Weapons: All cultists are armed with a daemonic lasgun, a daemonic las pisto and combat weapon, they may swap the pistol for a daemonic bolt pistol for +3pts and they may swap the lasgun for a daemonic bolter for +3pts. The sergeant may take weapons from 1 armoury. Each squad may include between 0 and 2 special from the following list: flamer for +4pts, melta-gun for plus 6pts or plasmagun for +8pts. Each squad may also take between 0-2 heavy weapons from the following list: Warp cutter sniper for +6 points, heavy bolter for +5 points Gattling blazer (the ork gun from the pics) for +10 points, multi-melta for +5 ponts, daemonic lascannon for +10 points or a daemonic plasma cannon for +10 points. Frag+Krak grenades.

They sold their souls: The unit may take 1 mark.
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