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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Converting: Scouts and updates.

Hi guys, this is a propper update:

These guys are the AoBR termies and they are being painted like silver skulls to go with my crusade theme, my land raider will be adjusted to be silver skulls aswell.

Now for some WIP assault marines, I didn't give them running legs as I can find better uses for those.
Now for the scouts, this is just a straight out of the box dude.

Sorry about the blur but this is the side shot of a sergeant, the squad comp is a bit weird as I have 1 bolter scout, 1 shotgun scout, two bolt pistol and chainsword scouts and a heavy bolter scout already so this squad has 1 BP and CS, 2 bolters, 1 BP and PwrW, 1 combi plasma and PP guy.

And another shot where you can see the bolter bit of the built in shoulder mounted combi-plasma.

The other sergeant with a power weapon.

Next guy:
This chap has a shoulder mounted bolter (tutorial at a later date) a big ammo box with a tractor beam grapple and a tractor beamer, he also has a bolt pistol.

Now for the next guy. He has a shoulder mount a pistol and a little mechanicle loader (bit of a bolter).

And now for my dread which I have finally finished.

Thanks for reading this far and comments and critisms are wealcom, hope you like the models.

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