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Friday, 31 October 2008

Converting: The bike, the standard and the body.

So I started converting my bike sergent and he is coming along nicely, the flag was hard but I got it eventually.

I made the standard by using the stick that goes on the back of the bike and sticking it two the standard that comes with a commander before wrapping white tac round it and glueing (this makes a hard substance)

Just the body, I know that the face looks red but I painted it then scratched down to the metal in some places before adding a blood effect to simulate a wound over a metal patch from an improvement.
Side one is nice and clean.
The back needs work.
Side two.

And the front.

The whole model needs work and I have plenty of bits to stick on and paint but this is my update for today.

P.S. The up coming project is a imperial tank and command bunker. (need help on name for another time).

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Attack campain: letting you know.

Just letting you know about the Attack campaign, it is a W.I.P. Series of scenarios that I have written up as a series, all posts listed under that label are in the campaign in this order: Orbital Strike, Take the bridge and then within enemy lines. I will be making more scenarios and will let you know.

The attackers are supposed to be space marines using the same list but only using part of it at times and the Defenders just need to be consistent and should be Xnoes but with a little imagination it could work any way, the marines are hard to substitute but would work with chaos daemons or any other variations of marines well.

Good luck ad tell me if you play any of the games.

Scenario: Within enemy lines

Within enemy lines.

Sides are 1500 points.

Play on a 6' by 6' board with the attackers setting up in the middle with all their ynits having at least one unit within 12' their HQ, defender setup around the edges of the board with all units having at least one model within 2 inches of the board edge.

Terrain is scattered around.

The Attackers are holding a piece of important data and the leader has this. The Attackers gain 5 points for getting their data off the board edge and 2 points for killing the enemy HQ.

The Defenders gain 5 points for getting the data and an additional 2 points for killing all enemy troops.

Scenario: Cross the bridge.

Cross The Bridge.

Play on a 7' wide 3' long if your looking at the side of the board. The sides are 1500 points.

Attackers have a 12 inch deployment area across one of the short sides and Defenders have a 24 inch deployment area on the other side.

Extending between the 2 areas is a bridge that is 12 inches wide 12 inches up from the defenders deployment area is a blockade spanning the width of the bridge, this counts as a static tank with AV 13 all round. Under the bridge is Lava if a model comes into contact with the lava it dies, if it has multiple wounds it automatically loses one and then roll an armor save on the rest of the wounds.

Shunting: if a model charges another model on the bridge then it can make a shunt attack, this is instead of any other attack that can be made but you may try to hit as many times as the attacks you have. Roll to hit and then roll one D6 and add your strength, whoever rolls higher can move their opponents model the many inches, this means you can fling them into lava.
Tanks cannot be shunted.
If a unit is split up by shunting it must try and gt back together or may choose to fight on and all models separated from the largest group die, independent characters are not subject to this rule.

Late attack: at the end of turn 3 if the blockade is still their then it is removed because of an orbital attack that was late.

Run over: If a tank comes into base contact with another model then it may attemt to run it over, it inflicts D6 S10 AP2 attacks on a unit with 10 models or less and 2 D6 attacks on units with more than 10 models. If the tank kills more than 75 percent of a unit then it may attack again.

Winning: If the attackers have a scoring unit in the Defenders deployment zone by the end of the game then they win if they do not then the defenders win.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Converting: Started on Kor'sarrow Kahn

I've started my converting and painting and he will appear soon.

Coming up I've got a terrain project.

Converting: Started on Kor'sarrow Kahn

I've started my converting and painting and he will appear soon.

Coming up Ive got a terrain project

Monday, 20 October 2008

Off Topic: DISQUS installed

I have just installed DISQUS and.............

Saturday, 18 October 2008

My Army: Just got presents.

I have just returned from a shopping trip to get my birthday presents I got:

2x land speeders



A set of three marines

a rhino and a Battle Force.

That will kick some @$$.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

My Army: So far

Ok so far my army includes:
A captain with power fist and combi melta
A counts-as Kor'sarrow Kahn
A terminator chaplain
7 terminators one with assault cannon and one with missile launcher
Dreadnaught with lascannon and powerfist
5 scouts
23 marines
2 rhinos
Fast attack
1 landspeeder typhoon
3 bikes
5 assault marines
Heavy support
1 Land Raider
1 vindicator
5 deverstators.

What I plan on getting:

I have a birthday coming up so this will be big.
hopefully AOBR
A battle force
a set of three marines
2 landspeeders
1 rhino( may be a drop pod)
and I might get some other stuff so keep looking.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Polls: Name for Kahn

Hi guys want to know your ideas on a name for Kahn ( the character not the primarch) I have put up a poll on the right collumn but if you have any other ideas then comment on this post with them.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Thoughts: Back to the basics

I have been thinking lately (wow thats a nice change) that with all the marine new shiney stuff that people will forget about the basics like, special weapons can kill tanks, Rhinos do a different job to drop pods and should be your default choice unless you are playing a special scenario, Terminators are at least equal to vets (of all variety).
What do you think I am open to comments and thoughts.

Converting: Kor'sarrow Kahn

Just a quick one to tell you I am converting my bike sergent to make him into my own version of kahn.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

News: New marine codex.

Hi got 5the marine codex on the release date and it seems prety nice on the first look.
What do you think, some sneaky things I like is that you can use gate of infinity in the assault phase then rapifire before going back in again.
Another thing is Kor'sarrow Kahn, as he can make everything outflank and is one of my favourotes.

Just as a little news from me I think I would like Tigurus and Kahn with new names in my army and I think I will make bikes a little something called Stormwing/storm gaurdians and they will look different.

Hope to post again soon.
see ya.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Terrain: Exploded tank side.

This post is long overdue but I haven't had much time lately, anyway I made this out of spare bits and it looks cool it could be scenery or a scenic base.

The stones in the middle are the foam that you get in blister backs but I painted them so they go hard.

It's in the coulers of a chaos army I'm planning on building but with more rust.

Painting: Transport

Hi just here to post about finishing my rhino that I recently bought it realy came out well because of basing in mechrite red I wasn't shure of the results but I like them.

So what do you think, questions and comments are always welcome see ya.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Scenario: Orbital strike rules

Hi guys I have something a little special this time as I'm opening a new item and it's scenarios!
So here's the first:

Background: The great Terran Hands are about to launch one of the greatest attacks that has ever been known upon the great Ork city Stegrabon Lead by the great leader Traquil Dawn.

The Orks of Stegrabon are getting ready to leave their planet when they find their being attacked by some flying red bullets "Or are they tose transporty things called Dop Pd's" never the less the great warboss Tarargrin Tanshnak cried his great war shout" Give me blood ........ Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!"

And so it began.

Orbital Strike.
These rules are supposed to replicate a Space Marine attack on an Ork city, although you could use Deathwing and any other race with lots of deep striking, Orks could be any xeno.
Part one.
Marines: In this game the Space Marine player may take: tactical squads with drop pods, assault squads deep striking a leader in a drop pod, deverstators in drop pods and basically any other man in a drop pod or deep striking. They may take up to 1500 points. Must include a master and at least 5 terminators.
The Marines also get a special attack for no points that happens once the Ork player sets up, the Marine player may place up two 8 strength 10 ap1 large blast markers anywhere on the Orks, this is to represent the orbital attack and is supposed two be leathal. As well as this the marine player may roll a D6 on a 4+ he may roll another D6 and then drop that many templates on their opponent( if the result on the D6 is 5 or 6 then it is treated as a 4), these attacks are at S10 AP 1.
Orks: The Orks may choose up two 2000 points worth of models chosen from codex: Orks, this must include a warboss in mega armour and a retinue of at least 5 mega armoured nobz.
The Orks also have the advantage of heavy weapons, they may place up two three weapons chosen from the following list.
Scrap cannon: S8 AP3 ordnance2 large blast. Static. 64 inch range
Mega shooter barrel: S5 AP4 Heavy 6. static. 48 inch range
Mech's massive slingshot: S10 AP1 Ordnance1 large blast. Static. 72 inch range only one shot per 2 turns.
Terrain and board: This battle should be played on a 5ft by 6ft table, their should be an open topped fort wall at 18 inches up on one side of the board with either a breach or a broken down gate in it that should be at least 8 inches wide. Other terrain can be trees and barricades set up outside the courtyard/fort.
Deployment: The Ork forces set up first. they can be set up anywhere on the board, the big machinery they have chosen may only be set up within the fort. The warboss and nobz must be inside the fort.
the Marines arrive in drop pods or by deep striking. ( use 5th ed codex )
Objectives: The Marines get 2 points if they have more troops choices over the breach than their opponent, they also get 2 points for killing the enemy warboss, they get 1 point for each big piece of machinery that they kill and they get 1 extra point for each full ork unit destroyed.
The Orks get 2 points for holding the breach, 2 points for killing the master and 1 point for each marine unit they kill.
The player with the most points wins. (I know the point system seems like it will always be the marines that win but think of all those drop pods to kill).
Thanks for reading this, questions and comments are welcome.
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