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Friday, 31 October 2008

Converting: The bike, the standard and the body.

So I started converting my bike sergent and he is coming along nicely, the flag was hard but I got it eventually.

I made the standard by using the stick that goes on the back of the bike and sticking it two the standard that comes with a commander before wrapping white tac round it and glueing (this makes a hard substance)

Just the body, I know that the face looks red but I painted it then scratched down to the metal in some places before adding a blood effect to simulate a wound over a metal patch from an improvement.
Side one is nice and clean.
The back needs work.
Side two.

And the front.

The whole model needs work and I have plenty of bits to stick on and paint but this is my update for today.

P.S. The up coming project is a imperial tank and command bunker. (need help on name for another time).

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