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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Terrain: Exploded tank side.

This post is long overdue but I haven't had much time lately, anyway I made this out of spare bits and it looks cool it could be scenery or a scenic base.

The stones in the middle are the foam that you get in blister backs but I painted them so they go hard.

It's in the coulers of a chaos army I'm planning on building but with more rust.

2 Blasphemous comments:

Anonymous said...

I'm liking the color on this wreckage. Also, I've never seen anyone use the foam from blister packs in this way. It actually came out better than I would have ever imagined! I might cut the foam into smaller random shapes if it were me though. Great work on it!

I'm also quite a fan of the name of your Vindicator, Vindi-Anna Jones... very nice!

Gamers World said...

Thanks for the comment I try to capture the effect of mixing paints and adding the next layer before the first is dry it realy blends the model together in some cases.

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