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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Scenario: Cross the bridge.

Cross The Bridge.

Play on a 7' wide 3' long if your looking at the side of the board. The sides are 1500 points.

Attackers have a 12 inch deployment area across one of the short sides and Defenders have a 24 inch deployment area on the other side.

Extending between the 2 areas is a bridge that is 12 inches wide 12 inches up from the defenders deployment area is a blockade spanning the width of the bridge, this counts as a static tank with AV 13 all round. Under the bridge is Lava if a model comes into contact with the lava it dies, if it has multiple wounds it automatically loses one and then roll an armor save on the rest of the wounds.

Shunting: if a model charges another model on the bridge then it can make a shunt attack, this is instead of any other attack that can be made but you may try to hit as many times as the attacks you have. Roll to hit and then roll one D6 and add your strength, whoever rolls higher can move their opponents model the many inches, this means you can fling them into lava.
Tanks cannot be shunted.
If a unit is split up by shunting it must try and gt back together or may choose to fight on and all models separated from the largest group die, independent characters are not subject to this rule.

Late attack: at the end of turn 3 if the blockade is still their then it is removed because of an orbital attack that was late.

Run over: If a tank comes into base contact with another model then it may attemt to run it over, it inflicts D6 S10 AP2 attacks on a unit with 10 models or less and 2 D6 attacks on units with more than 10 models. If the tank kills more than 75 percent of a unit then it may attack again.

Winning: If the attackers have a scoring unit in the Defenders deployment zone by the end of the game then they win if they do not then the defenders win.
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