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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

FTW: Why I blog.

This is a serious set of reasons why I blog, as it says in my blog description, this blog is about my outlook on the game as a kid and all the stuff I do hobby wise, whether that is just letting out some thoughts or putting up pics of a model I am proud of, so here are my reasons to blog:

1) It gives me something to do in spare time.
2) It keeps me updated on whats going on.
3) I'm a kid and I need an outlet to calm myself down, this blog is like a part of me, it is an extension of my mind, when I need to think about something becide school then I plan the next post for here.
4) It allows me to show my work and get feedback on my models, my tactics and what I do.

There are many other reasons why I blog mut they are the main ones. My blog is not focussed on one thing, my blog subolises me as a blogger, a gamer, a painter and much more, if you asked me what I was most proud of on my blog or what symbolises my blog, I would say I honestly blog because it makes me part of an ever open comunity, that is always awake. I men I have 104 blogs on my blogroll, I get a ton of updates every day and I just love having accses to all that information and that other people gain, just that tiny little bit of extra comunity from my blog, so thats why I blog!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Scratch built: Chaos Warshrine/Chariot.

The other day inspiration slapped me round the face, I found the chaos warshrine entry in my army book and thought,
''I really wnat one of those, but there is no model, I'll make my own''
With this in mind I built the basic chasis out of sprue. I then made the mile of gunk and skulls with green stuff and clipped the arm and hand (this is hard) from a spear before using it as a post, next I modeled straps on the dogs added a sharp looking bit of sprue before using them to pull the carrige, next I got some play mobile wheels (any wheels will do) mine were from a cannon, the shields, details and the bit on the back came later, finally I added some hard card and stands for models.

Part way through the process I thought it could work as a chariot aswell so it's a double help!

The 0nly problem with it is this, the warshrine is pulled by 1 horse and the chariot is pulled by 2, then they both have 2 dudes on top, the 2 dudes arn't a problem but I am counting the wolves as whatever pulls what I take, normally people are understanding when you have put the effort into a conversion. Antway onto the pics:

Front view.

the side

Other side

Shrine bit

Top view

Closer vuew of the skulls

And closer

The little crest made of swords and bits that go ontop of banner poles

The dogs and a symbol

And again

Upper view.
Thanks for reading and I hope this gives someone ispiration to use up their bits, comments and critisms welcome (even if nice comments are better I still like constructive critism) I hope you enjoyed the read.
Jacob out!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

VASSAL: I'm in.

I have installed VASSAL 40k and I am on there with a name of Jacob, if your on there at the same time as me give us a shout and if we have time we coulf have a game. Thanks.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Games Day: I will probably be going to Birmingham Games Day but I need a few tips!

OK, so, I am going to go to Games Day (I still need to order tickets) and I would like some help:

Do I have to book in for seminars?
How do I decide what I am going to do in my day (I cant find any information on the events lineup)?

and you can tell me anything else related to Games Day!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Solutions: Signing in automatically!

Hi, this time I am going to solve the problem of having to sign n all the time:

1) Sign in to your blog template where you can edit it.
2) Add that page to your favorites.
3) every time you want to go on your computr just go to that link and it will sign ou in and take you to your edit template page.


Saturday, 11 April 2009

Painting/Green stuff: Two Nurgle Sorcerers painted in 4 hours and with GS coversions.

Hi, I know I said I wouldn't convert the sorcs but in the end I did. This was my first try at using greenstuff so C&C are welcome. Enjoy the pics:

The two twins!
Scroll boy! He has GS spots 0n his belly and a drape on his staff. The skull on staff was removed and it was replaces by goo!

He has a creature on his back (Nurgle is eay to model. It is supposed to be WRONG!)

His staff.

His scroll are done like this:
chaos black.
Iyanden darksun base.
Bleached bone.
Devlan mud wash in recesses.

Guy 2 with less conversion. He has a scroll on his back the scrolls under his arm we covered with a great slime fist theat has fingers from a power fist (just 3 fingers). Finally the simbol was changed on his staff.

Side view.



Thanks for reading and I hope you like my first try at GS I hope to use it more .
NOTE: Both of these guys were done to table top standards but as characters should are pretty decent up close IMHO.

Friday, 10 April 2009

GW: GW Manchester is great and I bought stuff!!!!!! I am also looking for tutorials on Greenstuff.

Hey, today I went to Manchester and we (ME+FAMILY) went into the GW there, I had an awsome game with my warriors at 1500 points against Ogres and he beat me but it was relatively close, I mean he had 3 bulls, a tyrant, 2 butchers and about 6 ironguts by the end of the game and I had a sorc, but it could have worked out in my favour, anyway he was a vet and this was like my first FULL Fantasy game because I have played some games in the past but like that was an intro game and a game against my mate that we wern't shure of some 0f the rules in.

Anyway onto the buying, I ordered the Tzeench lord on disk and I will be using him as either a sorcerer or a lord depending on my army list, I also bought: 12 more warriors, Nurgle sorcs (not converting these, I'll just say it was an experiment but the gods to make two simaller forms and se what happens), but wait for it, ok I am just going to miss a few lines to add tension:


I BOUGHT GREEMSTUFF AND A SCULPTING TOOL! Because of this if anybody knows of any basic sculpting tips/tutorials then I would be very grateful. ME OUT!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Rambles/tactics: 5th ed suvival, how to stay in the game with different army styles.

Ok, so this post is on tactics for different styles of armies here we go:

GUNLINE!: Gunlines are very hard to play in 5th but they are still possible with a little practice, first you need things like devs, prefferably things that can infiltrate, you need to set these up in fire arcs and in cover, keep these with long range weapons. Your troops need to get ready for a assault and get into cover and make small, unavoidable fire zones if possible.

Elites should be there to blast up the enemy then hold them up when they assault so the troops can overwhelm them.

Fast attack units need to be hidden but ready to attack on the first call. If you play marines then try a land speeder or 2, drop these in behing the enemy and stay out the way and blast their fast assault troops (many fasy vercles have atleast 36'' range guns). Generally you are going to have to kill the enemies fast stuff quickly. In a gunline army prioritising targets in essential.

Competive score: 5 (out of 10) these armies are not to competitive at the moment but can be fun and some players can make these armies work.

FAST BOYS: These are armies like saim-hann (Fritz your really good at this style) or biker and land speeder Dark Angel armies. For these armies to work then they need to stick to cover, generally they can be killed quite quickly if exposed so they need to take out the enemies biggest threats before making objective grabs on turn 5. These armies need more than 1 wave otherwise if the game doesn't end on turn 5 then your dead but if you have a second wave then you try again on turn 6/7.
Deepstriking and target denial is good idea for these armies. If your opponent doesn't know when your going to appear or where then you gain an advantage plus you have less turns to get killed in before your objective grabbing sessions. Target denial also helps keep you alive. If the mission in anilation then these armies need to concertrate their fire power then get away before retaliation.
Competitive score: 4-9 (out of 10) These armies need a good general that knows his army and is awsome in the right hands (like Fritz's hands).

BALLANCED: Generally you find armies that have a mix of fast units (used like in the GUNLINE or in the FASTBOYS), power units (which get into position and blast the minds out of stuff, slow units and deepstrikers. All of these units are used differently in each codex so I can't help specifically here.
Competitive score: VARIABLE: these armies vary from codex to codes.

DEEPSTRIKERS: The boys that can come in wherever but are relatively slow (the fast deepstrikers are in FAST BOYS) these are things like termies and I know this is not deepstriking but things with infiltrate or scout. With these units you need to destroy your opponents biggest threats then crowd on about 1/3 of objectives and contest another 1/3 to guarantee a win, if you have to kill your opponent then kill things that give you easy KPs.
Competitive score: 4-7.5(out of 10) These armies are hard to play but when you get the hang of them they can be fun/effective.

TRANSPORT/MECHANISED: These armies are fully mech and have to rush troops forward into good positions, the hard hitters of these armies need to attack the enemies big threats and troop choices in objectives, other places have covered the uses or rhino/razorback walls so I won't, but they are awsome here, with these armies you need to get to places quick then HOLD THE LINE! Biker armies can be used like this too but need some more thinking.
Competitive score: 5-8.5(out of 10) These armies are simmaler to FAST BOYS but are more forgiving and slightly less effective.

Sorry if I have missed army types or have got things wrong, correct me if I have made a mistake CC is welcome. Some of the competive score are dependant on experience and style of play.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Rambles: My number 1 hobby tip is................

..............To try your best. I men if you don't try then you lose the enjoyment of the hobby and if you try and do better than what you can do then you will just get frustrated. For instace:

If I always try to do golden daemon standard on my captains then I will end up taking forever over a model and not getting the result I want but if I try to do a little better/different than my last model then I will slowly get better and get a result I am happy with. Shure it's fine to say that on one model you will take 80 hours but that is one model, not your whole HQ section.

So next time you paint your cappy or whatever try out that new basing tecnique or that wash effect. If you want to paint to your best then spend time over something, a quick job probbably won't be a quality job that your happy with but if you spend that extra bit of time then you can achive something you are happy with then next time you can go one step further down the road to a perfect paint job, nobody ever reaches the end of that road but the further along it you get the happier you are.

What I am really trying to say is that you should try and achive what you can reasonably do!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Battles: First battle with new fantasy army and a chaos/Ogre capaign!

Hi guys, today it was toys/games day at school so me and my mate Stu decided to throwdown in a battle to set off a campaign. This is the scenario we played and an outline of the campaign:

Scenario: We had three gothic ruin corners (the ones that come with the imperial guard battle force) set up in a square in one corner of a 4' by 4' table then some scenery and 3 rock piles scattered around, each rock pile was worth 100 victory points . Stu had to have more core choices within 3'' of the ruins at the end of the game than I did to get an extra 200 victory points and I had to kill his bruiser to to get my +200 of course we also played the noral rules for killing a unit to get victory points. This was a 1000 pts game and we played open lists.

The army lists were:


Bruiser with wallcrusher big name, a great weapon that gives +3 strength, a cathayan lonsword the all the gnoblars and extra gubbins he can take (+ a dispel scroll).

Iron guts (3): champion, standard bearer and dragonhide banner.

6 bulls: full command and iron fists a banner.

50 gnoblars: groin biter.

4 lead belchers: thunderfist (champ).


A kickass exalted champ with axe of khorne, Blood curdling roar and a few other random bits including mark of nurgle.
A Tzeench sorcerer with spell familiar, book of secrets and second level.

12 warriors with full command and slaanesh.
12 warriors with full command and nurgle.
5 knights with full command nurgle and lances.

Overall I had 154 points pore than him so he got plus that many VP

The game ended in a tachnical draw because I killed his bruiser and gnoblars and all but 2 bulls + his iron guts and he killed a bunch of warriors and the knights, so I had about 120 more VP's tha him but that counts as a draw. I am still happy though because he now has to roll to see what happens to his bruiser campaign wise.

The rules of the campaign are pretty simple. We have a series of games we will make up with storyline inbetween. In some games if a character is killed he does not die in the whole campaign but has to roll to see what happens:

1. Wounded: the character comes back fine next game.
2. maimed: the character lose 1 attack next game (to a minimum of 1).
3.gutted: the character loses 1 point of toughness next game.
4. maimed and wounded: the character is maimed and wounded.
5. almost dead: the character has only half his wounds for the remainder of the campaign or only 1 wound for the next 3 games (players choice).
6. Dead: the character is replaced with a champion (of any squad this champ counts as an independant character) for the next 2 games but takes up the slot the previous character slot and costs the same amount of points as the previous character. After those 2 turns a new leader has been chosen and the charcter can return to the campaign.

More will be added to the campaign at a later date.
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