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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Painting/Green stuff: Two Nurgle Sorcerers painted in 4 hours and with GS coversions.

Hi, I know I said I wouldn't convert the sorcs but in the end I did. This was my first try at using greenstuff so C&C are welcome. Enjoy the pics:

The two twins!
Scroll boy! He has GS spots 0n his belly and a drape on his staff. The skull on staff was removed and it was replaces by goo!

He has a creature on his back (Nurgle is eay to model. It is supposed to be WRONG!)

His staff.

His scroll are done like this:
chaos black.
Iyanden darksun base.
Bleached bone.
Devlan mud wash in recesses.

Guy 2 with less conversion. He has a scroll on his back the scrolls under his arm we covered with a great slime fist theat has fingers from a power fist (just 3 fingers). Finally the simbol was changed on his staff.

Side view.



Thanks for reading and I hope you like my first try at GS I hope to use it more .
NOTE: Both of these guys were done to table top standards but as characters should are pretty decent up close IMHO.

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