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Friday, 10 April 2009

GW: GW Manchester is great and I bought stuff!!!!!! I am also looking for tutorials on Greenstuff.

Hey, today I went to Manchester and we (ME+FAMILY) went into the GW there, I had an awsome game with my warriors at 1500 points against Ogres and he beat me but it was relatively close, I mean he had 3 bulls, a tyrant, 2 butchers and about 6 ironguts by the end of the game and I had a sorc, but it could have worked out in my favour, anyway he was a vet and this was like my first FULL Fantasy game because I have played some games in the past but like that was an intro game and a game against my mate that we wern't shure of some 0f the rules in.

Anyway onto the buying, I ordered the Tzeench lord on disk and I will be using him as either a sorcerer or a lord depending on my army list, I also bought: 12 more warriors, Nurgle sorcs (not converting these, I'll just say it was an experiment but the gods to make two simaller forms and se what happens), but wait for it, ok I am just going to miss a few lines to add tension:


I BOUGHT GREEMSTUFF AND A SCULPTING TOOL! Because of this if anybody knows of any basic sculpting tips/tutorials then I would be very grateful. ME OUT!
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