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Friday, 3 April 2009

Battles: First battle with new fantasy army and a chaos/Ogre capaign!

Hi guys, today it was toys/games day at school so me and my mate Stu decided to throwdown in a battle to set off a campaign. This is the scenario we played and an outline of the campaign:

Scenario: We had three gothic ruin corners (the ones that come with the imperial guard battle force) set up in a square in one corner of a 4' by 4' table then some scenery and 3 rock piles scattered around, each rock pile was worth 100 victory points . Stu had to have more core choices within 3'' of the ruins at the end of the game than I did to get an extra 200 victory points and I had to kill his bruiser to to get my +200 of course we also played the noral rules for killing a unit to get victory points. This was a 1000 pts game and we played open lists.

The army lists were:


Bruiser with wallcrusher big name, a great weapon that gives +3 strength, a cathayan lonsword the all the gnoblars and extra gubbins he can take (+ a dispel scroll).

Iron guts (3): champion, standard bearer and dragonhide banner.

6 bulls: full command and iron fists a banner.

50 gnoblars: groin biter.

4 lead belchers: thunderfist (champ).


A kickass exalted champ with axe of khorne, Blood curdling roar and a few other random bits including mark of nurgle.
A Tzeench sorcerer with spell familiar, book of secrets and second level.

12 warriors with full command and slaanesh.
12 warriors with full command and nurgle.
5 knights with full command nurgle and lances.

Overall I had 154 points pore than him so he got plus that many VP

The game ended in a tachnical draw because I killed his bruiser and gnoblars and all but 2 bulls + his iron guts and he killed a bunch of warriors and the knights, so I had about 120 more VP's tha him but that counts as a draw. I am still happy though because he now has to roll to see what happens to his bruiser campaign wise.

The rules of the campaign are pretty simple. We have a series of games we will make up with storyline inbetween. In some games if a character is killed he does not die in the whole campaign but has to roll to see what happens:

1. Wounded: the character comes back fine next game.
2. maimed: the character lose 1 attack next game (to a minimum of 1).
3.gutted: the character loses 1 point of toughness next game.
4. maimed and wounded: the character is maimed and wounded.
5. almost dead: the character has only half his wounds for the remainder of the campaign or only 1 wound for the next 3 games (players choice).
6. Dead: the character is replaced with a champion (of any squad this champ counts as an independant character) for the next 2 games but takes up the slot the previous character slot and costs the same amount of points as the previous character. After those 2 turns a new leader has been chosen and the charcter can return to the campaign.

More will be added to the campaign at a later date.
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