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Monday, 30 March 2009

Converting for dummies: posing your model intrigueingly (don't know how to spell that).

Hi, this is the second simple conversion and is also my second post today (check out the other conversion for dummies below). This one is about Dark eldar bet as in the last post it could work with many other races.

So this is what ya need, you also need some sort of scope or something and you need some clippers or a hobby knife and some glue, the spikes are also optional.
Basic building.

Grab your gun.

cut off the arm and reposition it so it is much more straight.

Then attach the gun in a relaxed pose (this gun is heavy and he is holding it in one hand).

Cut off the end of the gun and file the top right down the file down the bottom of the actual gun.

Now glue the end of the gun to the bottom.

Get your other arm and some sort of scope or something then glue it into the hand.

You can reposition the thing in his hane then attach the arm as though the dark eldar is examining/using the item, also, attach the head.

Add the long hair down the back of the shoulder.

Finished model.


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