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Friday, 20 March 2009

Codex: chaos cultists: Army list, the first of a new series.

Hi, so this post is going to have info of the first version of the chaos cultist codex, I will be making this into a series of short posts with bits of the army list each time:


Khorne: Gives the model +1 attack and +1 leadership but must always charge if possible.

Slaanesh: Gives the model +1 inititive and fleet of foot.

Nurgle: Gives the model +1 toughness.

Tzneetch: Gives the model a 6+ ward save, if the model already has a ward save it gives it +1 to it's ward save.

Army list:


Chosen of the gods: WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W3 A3 LD8 Sv4+

Hand weapon, las pistol, blessed robe (enchanted armour), frag and krak grenades.

Special rules:

Hidden leader: you do not have to reveal which unit this model is in if it starts the game in a unit, your opponent does not know he is in their until you reveal him you may do this whenever you like. While hidden he counts as a normal member of the unit he is in (use a normal model for that unit to represent him).


May take mark of Khorne for +20 points.
May take mark of Slaanesh for +10 points
May take mark of nurgle for +15 points
May take mark of Tzeench for +10 points.

May swap las pistol for the following:

daemonic bolt pistol..... +3 pts
plasma pistol........+15pts

May swap hand weapon for the following:
bolter..........+4 pts
flamer.......+15 pts
melta gun........+30pts
Plasma gun...........35pts

This is the first HQ more will come soon.
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