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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Painting: Pic marathon.

Hi guys, I finally have a camera now so I have been on a pic marathon. Here we go:

Remember that post a while a go about random stuff, well here it is, Legolas Merry and a warboss (AoBR but the back of his claw is missing). Just a bit of fun painting.

Now for the real work, this is my WIP Slaaneshi squad.
The command

A close up on the banner.

And a random dude.

Nurgle time.This is a squad from a while back, I am pretty pleased with them but I forgot to take pics of their capes which are some of the best bits.

Now this guy is a 'Chaosling' They are men borne to close to chaos and never grew very tall as the raw essence of chaos flows through them, they are generally magicians and nomatter what god they worship, a tripe wants them. This one is a conversion and is devoted to tzeench. I mad up the stuff about chaoslings. The thing be his side is a count as fammiliar.

Another pic.

And another.

A cappy that still needs some work but is getting there

Taccy squad!

WIP maurauders!, flail heaven. The silver members are the young members of the trip that are not as devoted as the others so don't show as much heritige as the others.

And so ladies and gentalmen, that is all for today, more pics to come and my tutorial on mud basing will have pics too.
P.S. Since now I have based my army with my mud tecnique.

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