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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fun Tips: Easy (well relatively) none metalic metal for weapons!

So, recently I have been playing around with NMM and have found a simple way to do it, here are the steps a proper tutorial will come soon:
  1. paint the weapon codex grey
  2. water down heavily codex grey and fortress grey and mix them together in a codex, fortress, water 4:1:5 mix, wash this over the lighter part of the blade
  3. add a little more fortress and a little more water then wash this over the lighter part of the blade leaving a little of the last layer showing.
  4. continue doing the last step until using about a 4:6:10 mix the clean your palette.
  5. Highlight the top of the blade edge pure skull white (or for dull weapon pure fortress grey)
  6. Mix badab black and codex grey and water in a 3:1:2 mix and wash it over the dark part of the blade.
  7. keep adding more badab black and more water like before using the same method.
  8. wash the whole blade with heavily watered down codex grey like a 1:10 grey to water mix
For a better coverage use paint thinner instead of water.

I hope this helps, thanks for reading, 


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Polls: Do you prefer post summaries or full posts.

So, recently I have been giving my blog a new look using the new template designer as they look much more layered than the old templates. I also added automatic post summaries so my question is.

ON MY BLOG Do you prefer the post summaries or the full posts.

Poll on the top of the left column, VOTE!!!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Painting: I'm entering a competition.

So, in a couple of weeks there is a painting comp at my local store, the owner saw my tzeentch guy and asked me to enter.

He now has an interesting base and has been touched up pics to come.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fluff: What does the warp look like?

I was reading the other day and the space marine battle barge went into the warp. I think it looks like a mass of colours, more reds oranges any yellows wit a few blacks and purples it all bends and twists an convulses but that is just my view.

What do you think it looks like, thanks for reading,


Friday, 14 May 2010

Discussions: Your 40K role model.

Recently I was thinking about all of the different characters in 40k and which ones are good role models:

1 It can't be a space marine because they have no concern for looking after themselves and can be snobs

2 it can't be a guardsman because they are worth zit

3 the only alien races would be eldar, tau, or chaos because they can think for themselves. Chaos is evil though and eldar is snobby plus tau are still a little mind less

I couldn't decide until I thought about books then it came to me, commisar caiphas Cain because he looks after himself and is good with people as well ad being very lucky!

Who is you role model, thanks for reading,


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Painting: Losing the buzz.

Sometimes I find that I am really into painting and I get loads done but sometimes I just lose the buzz.

What are your tips on keeping that buzz going, thanks for Reading,


Army Finishing Project: How I manage only a few projects at a time.

A lot of people wondered how I mange to do only 1 maybe 2 projects at a time so I am going to write that here: What I do is to look at what I have left to do and coose 2 units, one will be a unit that will be more of a chore and one will be a unit I really want to paint, I do the chore first then the nice one. This keeps me motivated an wanting to paint. Thanks for Reading, Jacob

Monday, 10 May 2010

Painting: How many projects at a time?

At the moment I am trying to finish armies, this means I am trying to stick to one project at a time. I used to do 2, 3, 4 projects at a time but today I was thinking how many projects is that perfect number. I think it's either 3 or 1 how about you, Thanks for reading, Jacob

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Blogging: Top Ten Tips!

Hi, jacob here, today I am going to talk about my tope ten tips and tricks for blogging they range from template changes to regular tips.

1)Add a statcounter to your blog, this is free and counts how many visitors come to your blog, it helps you track how popular your blog is.
2) Get Google Analytics, this really helps you to see where your traffic is coming from and what posts people like, again this is free (notice a theme)
3) Name you post titles well, this is awesome doesn't tell anybody what your post is about but awesome Venerable dread with freehand tells them a lot more.
4) If you want your blog to look nice then use the new template designer on blogger, it transports all of your widgets over and let you have 3 columns with no code work.
5) If somebody has helped you, give them credit, even if it's just a link expanding the community means there is more community to go round everybody.
6) Make all your widgets relevant, don't just use game widgets because they are 'cool' only use thing that accent your blog.
7) FOLLOW MY BLOG!!!- NAH JUST KIDDING follow lots of blogs, it lets people know that you like their blog and they often will then check out yours.
8) Don't just ask questions, you need to put content up yourself not just say, lets make this a 2 way thing, I'll post and you give me content, it just doesn't work (the odd poll etc is fine).
9) Do it for fun, yes some people make money but if you enjoy it then money is just an added bonus.
10) Make nice headers for your blog, it took me 6 hours to get my header to look how it does now but it was worth it. You don't need a video header but a nice picture is easy to make and really give your blog that WHAM! Factor.

If you have any more tips then tell me them through the comments, I'll make a scroll box widget with them all in! Oh yea, the new template is up and I like it even if I did have to guess where my statcounter was at before (I new roughly) Thanks for reading,


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Marathon painting: m. horse fail!

So I said I would try to paint all 15 m. Horsemen but I completely failed. All I managed was to under coat 6 grey. Hopefully I will do a tad more today and then get some time next week. This post is from my itouch so no tags but it does mean I can post more often. Thanks for Reading, Jacob

Theming: Making a unified them (not army composition)

So, The next FTW collaborative post is on making a unified theme for your army outside army composition, here are my thoughts:

Monday, 3 May 2010

Fluff Vs WYSIWIG: Where to draw the line.

So, i was thinking yesterday. Where should we draw the line with fluff Vs WYSIWYG, I mean I don't know any marine players that put grenades on all of their models which is to the meanest of rules lawyers against WYSIWYG (same with both bolt pistols and bolters on ever model) but they are not for fluff reasons but for ease.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Marathon painting: 15 Marauder cavalry.

I'm sorry for not posting lately but I have been really busy and sometimes life is very demanding anyway. I am now up at the caravan with my family and I have brought all 15 marauder cav with me.
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