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Monday, 3 May 2010

Fluff Vs WYSIWIG: Where to draw the line.

So, i was thinking yesterday. Where should we draw the line with fluff Vs WYSIWYG, I mean I don't know any marine players that put grenades on all of their models which is to the meanest of rules lawyers against WYSIWYG (same with both bolt pistols and bolters on ever model) but they are not for fluff reasons but for ease.

I want my next army when I get round to it to be really special my leading idea is a force led by a mad scientist who has made a guard regiment into 'zombies'. I would use commissar rules for the other scientists (not sure about the lead one perhaps commissar lord) I could also include some impressive conversions like the scientists personal Valkyrie and his other vehicles.

All of the men would still have the right weapons and I would not be trying to covert to my advantage but my question is:

"Would you allow somebody to play with the type of army described above as long as it was not 'gamey' and was executed well?"

Please tell me your thoughts. Thanks for reading,

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