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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fun Tips: Easy (well relatively) none metalic metal for weapons!

So, recently I have been playing around with NMM and have found a simple way to do it, here are the steps a proper tutorial will come soon:
  1. paint the weapon codex grey
  2. water down heavily codex grey and fortress grey and mix them together in a codex, fortress, water 4:1:5 mix, wash this over the lighter part of the blade
  3. add a little more fortress and a little more water then wash this over the lighter part of the blade leaving a little of the last layer showing.
  4. continue doing the last step until using about a 4:6:10 mix the clean your palette.
  5. Highlight the top of the blade edge pure skull white (or for dull weapon pure fortress grey)
  6. Mix badab black and codex grey and water in a 3:1:2 mix and wash it over the dark part of the blade.
  7. keep adding more badab black and more water like before using the same method.
  8. wash the whole blade with heavily watered down codex grey like a 1:10 grey to water mix
For a better coverage use paint thinner instead of water.

I hope this helps, thanks for reading, 

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