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Tuesday, 1 June 2010


So, I recently got white dwarf and went to look at the new spearhead expansion for 40K here are the key points:
  1. no minimum requirements
  2. up to one spearhead of each type
  3. you can take an army entirely of spearheads.
  4. Three new deployments and missions.
  5. most of the rules in mag but all the extra bits on games workshop website.
  6. troops, tanks, walkers, spearheads but not if they a have rule saying specifically against this or are a swarm can score. Troops meaning any unit taken from a army's troops allowance.
  7. You always play longways across the table.
  8. dice off to be attacker, attacker goes first and deploys first.
Spearheads: formations you take, everybody has access to the same ones (at least at the moment) for instance:
Tanks hunter spearhead:
up to 3 tank or walker units, all vehicles in spearhead get tank hunter USR.

Deployments: counter attack-divide board in half then from each player table edge corners draw a triangle the point 9'' away from the centre so it makes a hourglass shape with a gap between the 2 triangles, deep strike infiltrate and scout can be placed in reserve + up to half your army can be.
Cauldron: both players have 18'' deployment zones so start 36'' away same amounts for deployment as above.
Escalation: players start 18'' apart you can only put down 1 spearhead or 3 units down, all else in reserve, can infiltrate as long as you don't go over the above allowance.

Missions: Breakthrough: you score 1 point for each unit at least partially in you opponents half of the board at the end of the game, whoever has the most wins.
Vital Ground: 1 vital objective and 3 minor, vital worth 3 points, minor worth 1, one player puts vital in one half, other player puts minor in other half, all at ground level, not within 12 of another objective, wrecked super heavies become a minor objective for your opponent have to be within 3'' with no enemy to claim an objective, whoever has most points at end of game wins!
Lightning war: 3 objectives placed alternately 24'' away from each other plus an extra 5, one within 18 of table centre and one within 18 of each table edge, wrecked super heavies become objectives for opponent as before, same rules for capturing objectives as before, whoever has most objectives wins.

Overall a very good supplement and I would definitely recommend getting this issue as it is great!!!
Thanks for reading,

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