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Saturday, 28 February 2009

LoTR: War of the ring starter game.

Hi guys, sorry for not posting recently but I do have an update now. Yesterday I went to GW and they had a LoTR table set up so I asked whether I could play on it. Turns out that they showed me how you play and man is it fun!

You have to get your men in the right positions otherwise the enemy will just trample over you. In the game I played I was minas tirith and he was orcs, I won a narrow victory but it was still a great game. With army I played it seemed like shooting was abouit rolling lots of dice and needing high numbers and combat was rolling less dice but needing higher numbers. That may change depending what army you play. There are advantages if you charge with a creature bigger that what you carge monsters being the highest the cav the infantry. I will definately be finding time for LoTR at some point.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Made up rules: Drill master Karka Vel'tagamor.

Type: HQ

WS5 BS6 S4 T4 W3 I5 A3 LD10 Sv3+

Unit comp Unit Type
1 Karka Vel'tagamor Infantry.

Wargear Special Rules
Power armour ATSKNF
Shria Combat tactics
bolt pistol Indepentant character
Frag and krak grenades Drill master
Iron halo

Shria: Shria is a boltgun, hand crafted by Karka himself. In game it has this statline

Doomshot S4 AP4 rng24inches rapid fire
overcharge S4 AP4 rngtemplate assault2

Shria can fire his gun with either of the above stat lines each turn.
Drill Master: In the hard warfare that the dark inferno undertakes, the marines must learn to fire in certain ways. In game Karka and any friendly unit with a model within 8'' of him can perform one of three drill each turn:

Anti-hoard drill: their boltguns if they use/have them (including Shria) have the following statline but they count as having gone to ground:
S4 AP5 rng24'' assault3
The turn a squad uses this drill they may not assault.

Anti- armour drill: their boltguns (including Shria) have the following statline but because the drill involves pushing their boltguns to their limit they may not fire next turn on top of this only half the members of the unit (rounding up) may fire:

S8 Ap5 rng24'' heavy1 2D6 armour penatration.

Heavy infanty rounds: their boltguns (including Shria) have the following statline but the turn after the use of this drill all models that used it can do nothing:

S5 AP2 rng24'' heavy1


Painting: Nurgle WoC squad.

Got no pics because I have no camera but I have finished the nurgle WoC squad and have moved onto the Slaanesh squad. Maurauders are getting on and should be done soon.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Problems: Camera, the good and the bad.

So, my camera is well and truely broke so I ripped it up for some bits and I got a few neat pieces to add to something. Tha bad thing is that pics will still have to wait a bit. The good thing is that we will be getting a new camera soon so the wait will be at an end reasonably quickly.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Discussions: How you should paint.

This is the second installment of the disscussions series. This month we will be talking about painting.

Now, I firmly belive that however you want to paint is how you should paint but what we are talking about here is what painting tecnique you think gives the best result and why. You must be able to do theis method of painting so it is the thing you think gives the best results that you can do.

Anyway because it may depend on what your painting I am asking the above question for if you were painting:

Basic squads that are not the centrepiecs of your army (the kind people often batch paint you know, the ones you want done quite quick).
Special squads (squads you want to draw peoples eyes to.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Off Topic: Post 100 and I'm back.

Hi guys, just letting you know I'm back and I have been painting it's also my 100th post.

I painted: 12 chaos warriors exept for shields and highlighting metals, the dark skin on 20 maurauders.

Maurauders skin: I am doing dark skin on my maurauders because I can paint dark skin, here is how I do it.

Base: chaos black
Undercaot with: Iyanden darksun (doesn't need to cover whole of area this should be a quick step.
Layer 1: Bestial brown over the Iyanden and all skin areas should be quite light.
Layer2: Badab black was to darken and it will go into the crevices to shade.
Highlight: Now I havent done this yet but I'm going to try Bestial brown and bleached bone mixed for the colour.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Off Topic: See ya..... For a while.

Ok, so I'm going away for 4-5 days and so won't be posting. Just a note.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Painting: White.

Recently while I was painting I discovered an interesting tip. Many say you ahould build up from black-grey-light grey-white if your painting over black but I found that going for a black-bleached bone- white works to.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Fantasy: Warriors of chaos.

So, yesterday I bought some WoC, here is what I bought:

Battalion: 20 maurauders, 12 warriors, 5 nights and 10 hounds

WoC box: 12 warriors

army book: WoC

WoC exalted champion/lord.

Everything was built as soon as I got home and I have started painting one squad that has mark of nurgle and hand weapons, shield and a champ, musician and standard bearer. Pics to come when I have fixed my camera.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Discussions: How you approach gaming.

Hi guys.

What I'm trying to do here is post something then, through comments, get some dicussions about the subject, kind of like a fourum only done on a blog without certain restricting rules. The few rules are:

Do not post inappropriate material or rude images/words.

Comment with something to do with the article.

For this post we will have 2 topics:

1. Whether you thing doing this is a good idea.
2. How you approach gaming.
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