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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Off Topic: Post 100 and I'm back.

Hi guys, just letting you know I'm back and I have been painting it's also my 100th post.

I painted: 12 chaos warriors exept for shields and highlighting metals, the dark skin on 20 maurauders.

Maurauders skin: I am doing dark skin on my maurauders because I can paint dark skin, here is how I do it.

Base: chaos black
Undercaot with: Iyanden darksun (doesn't need to cover whole of area this should be a quick step.
Layer 1: Bestial brown over the Iyanden and all skin areas should be quite light.
Layer2: Badab black was to darken and it will go into the crevices to shade.
Highlight: Now I havent done this yet but I'm going to try Bestial brown and bleached bone mixed for the colour.
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