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Monday, 23 February 2009

Made up rules: Drill master Karka Vel'tagamor.

Type: HQ

WS5 BS6 S4 T4 W3 I5 A3 LD10 Sv3+

Unit comp Unit Type
1 Karka Vel'tagamor Infantry.

Wargear Special Rules
Power armour ATSKNF
Shria Combat tactics
bolt pistol Indepentant character
Frag and krak grenades Drill master
Iron halo

Shria: Shria is a boltgun, hand crafted by Karka himself. In game it has this statline

Doomshot S4 AP4 rng24inches rapid fire
overcharge S4 AP4 rngtemplate assault2

Shria can fire his gun with either of the above stat lines each turn.
Drill Master: In the hard warfare that the dark inferno undertakes, the marines must learn to fire in certain ways. In game Karka and any friendly unit with a model within 8'' of him can perform one of three drill each turn:

Anti-hoard drill: their boltguns if they use/have them (including Shria) have the following statline but they count as having gone to ground:
S4 AP5 rng24'' assault3
The turn a squad uses this drill they may not assault.

Anti- armour drill: their boltguns (including Shria) have the following statline but because the drill involves pushing their boltguns to their limit they may not fire next turn on top of this only half the members of the unit (rounding up) may fire:

S8 Ap5 rng24'' heavy1 2D6 armour penatration.

Heavy infanty rounds: their boltguns (including Shria) have the following statline but the turn after the use of this drill all models that used it can do nothing:

S5 AP2 rng24'' heavy1

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