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Saturday, 28 February 2009

LoTR: War of the ring starter game.

Hi guys, sorry for not posting recently but I do have an update now. Yesterday I went to GW and they had a LoTR table set up so I asked whether I could play on it. Turns out that they showed me how you play and man is it fun!

You have to get your men in the right positions otherwise the enemy will just trample over you. In the game I played I was minas tirith and he was orcs, I won a narrow victory but it was still a great game. With army I played it seemed like shooting was abouit rolling lots of dice and needing high numbers and combat was rolling less dice but needing higher numbers. That may change depending what army you play. There are advantages if you charge with a creature bigger that what you carge monsters being the highest the cav the infantry. I will definately be finding time for LoTR at some point.
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