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Friday, 31 July 2009

WoC: 15 maurauder horsemen built and redy to go!

Ok, so I went to GW and played a game of fantasy against a vampire cont player who I have played before. Last time he beat me and he did the same this time but it was a lot closer.

After that I bought 3 units of 5 maurauder horsemen to boost my army, I have built them all and each unit is armed differently for some variety in painting.

I have sketched out a list in my head with 3 units of 5 cav, 20 maurauders, 18 warriors, 12 warriors, a warshrine, 10-12 chosen, 5 knights, 2 lvl 2's, 1 sorc lord and a Bsb. So thats 9 units and 4 character in 2000 pts (the standard in fantasy fo the 40k players).

Can't be bothered version: lost a game to VC, bought 15 maurauder horsemen and built them then wrote a fantasy list.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Marines: Afew more layers on the models.

The main reason I stopped blogging etc for a while was because I got bogged down doing knights of chaos. Because of this I have added a few more layers on my last Salamander tac squad that have been half done for ages. I have not got round to getting pics yet though.

Hope to post again soon,


Can't be bothered section: Added a couple of layers onto some Salamander space marines.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Thanks: thankyou for bearing with me and I will be back on track!

Hi, sorry it has been so long but I have been with family and I lost mommentum with warhammer. I hav still been playing and listening to podcasts and I have done a little painting here and ther but I havent been doing much blogging or blog watching.

From now on I will start posting again. Maybe not the every few days like it was before but hopefully atleast once a weak. I will also be watching blogs again.

Since I last posted anything interesting I have been working on my first chaos knight and doing some other small bits.

I will also be putting a Can't be bothered to read full post section at the bottom of each post, this will be a quick summary of the whole post.

Hope to post again soon


Can't be bothered to read full post section: I am going to get back into bl;ogging and have been working on some random stuff. This section will be at the bottom of posts from now on!
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