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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Replies: To GW pertinent on mud basing!

Hi guys, Gw pertinent posted about mud basing and if anybody had any tips, I couldn't post a reply on his blog so I will do it here.

Stuff you need:

Cheap baking soda
PVA glue
cheap brown paint
highlight colour for mud.


First mix your bakiing soda with your PVA glue mix lots so you have plenty.
Next Add a couple of big dolops of cheap brown paint and mix until you get a muddy colour.
Add to your bades and let it dry, while it is drying try to push it off the model (you can scrape it off later but it is easier now) this means that the model doesn't get covered in grime.
Finally drybrush your highlight colour onto the mud.

Tip: try this out on a test model first, some of your stuff might be different from what I've got and it may not be the look you were going for.

GW pertinent take this as a comment but I couldn't comment on your blog. Anyone else that tries this tell me about how it worked for you.
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