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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Rambles: My number 1 hobby tip is................

..............To try your best. I men if you don't try then you lose the enjoyment of the hobby and if you try and do better than what you can do then you will just get frustrated. For instace:

If I always try to do golden daemon standard on my captains then I will end up taking forever over a model and not getting the result I want but if I try to do a little better/different than my last model then I will slowly get better and get a result I am happy with. Shure it's fine to say that on one model you will take 80 hours but that is one model, not your whole HQ section.

So next time you paint your cappy or whatever try out that new basing tecnique or that wash effect. If you want to paint to your best then spend time over something, a quick job probbably won't be a quality job that your happy with but if you spend that extra bit of time then you can achive something you are happy with then next time you can go one step further down the road to a perfect paint job, nobody ever reaches the end of that road but the further along it you get the happier you are.

What I am really trying to say is that you should try and achive what you can reasonably do!
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