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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Scratch built: Chaos Warshrine/Chariot.

The other day inspiration slapped me round the face, I found the chaos warshrine entry in my army book and thought,
''I really wnat one of those, but there is no model, I'll make my own''
With this in mind I built the basic chasis out of sprue. I then made the mile of gunk and skulls with green stuff and clipped the arm and hand (this is hard) from a spear before using it as a post, next I modeled straps on the dogs added a sharp looking bit of sprue before using them to pull the carrige, next I got some play mobile wheels (any wheels will do) mine were from a cannon, the shields, details and the bit on the back came later, finally I added some hard card and stands for models.

Part way through the process I thought it could work as a chariot aswell so it's a double help!

The 0nly problem with it is this, the warshrine is pulled by 1 horse and the chariot is pulled by 2, then they both have 2 dudes on top, the 2 dudes arn't a problem but I am counting the wolves as whatever pulls what I take, normally people are understanding when you have put the effort into a conversion. Antway onto the pics:

Front view.

the side

Other side

Shrine bit

Top view

Closer vuew of the skulls

And closer

The little crest made of swords and bits that go ontop of banner poles

The dogs and a symbol

And again

Upper view.
Thanks for reading and I hope this gives someone ispiration to use up their bits, comments and critisms welcome (even if nice comments are better I still like constructive critism) I hope you enjoyed the read.
Jacob out!

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