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Sunday, 12 October 2008

My Army: So far

Ok so far my army includes:
A captain with power fist and combi melta
A counts-as Kor'sarrow Kahn
A terminator chaplain
7 terminators one with assault cannon and one with missile launcher
Dreadnaught with lascannon and powerfist
5 scouts
23 marines
2 rhinos
Fast attack
1 landspeeder typhoon
3 bikes
5 assault marines
Heavy support
1 Land Raider
1 vindicator
5 deverstators.

What I plan on getting:

I have a birthday coming up so this will be big.
hopefully AOBR
A battle force
a set of three marines
2 landspeeders
1 rhino( may be a drop pod)
and I might get some other stuff so keep looking.

2 Blasphemous comments:

Anonymous said...

why do you have 3 HQ slots?

Gamers World said...

I have 3 HQ slots because I bought the captain and chaplain then with the new marine codex coming out I wanted Kahn so I have a converted model for him.

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