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Monday, 12 January 2009

Salamanders: Long awaited update.

Hi, sorry for not posting for a while, I have a propper update now

This dread is nearly done the arms just need finishing.

I gave the metal a green wash so it looked old and over used.

Now for the cappy, he still needs some work.
One side of the power weapon, it is supposed to look like it is hot at the tip as it was forged through lava, I could get into that but I'll just say it's like lord of the rings when they make the ring only with more fire.

Now for the marines, this first one is the missile launcher dude, most of them don't have weapons or back packs.

This guy you have seen before.
Now for the sergeant. His face wash highlighted brown then washed black.

Sorry for the slight blur in this one.

All the shadows in these pics were natural, I hope you enjoy them.

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