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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Painting: Vang Kantra finally finished.

Hi, this is my second post today and it is here to show off the brand new, Vang Kantra.

An overall view of him to show his pose.
The banner and the arm: the arm started out as the arm that hols the barrel of the boltgun, first it was twisted at the bit between the shoulder and the arm, then at the elbow then the wrist and finally the hand was bent round to hold the banner, you can also see his bloody scrolls.

His red leg and blades of honour.

Now a pic of his mighty sword, it's name is Earthbreaker and it is made of the finest metal on terra mixed with minerals from DERT and forged in the fires Nocturne. The bike he rides has little streaks and notches, this is because his armour was forget in the same way as his sword, his bike is called Worldeater.
Now for some fluff: Vang is a biker with great tallent, he and a small squad of bikers were at first just ordinary marines, but then, when they met the Salamanders of the Dark Inferno they proved themselves worthy of great speed so they fought together like a power blade and struck fast at their opponents.
Also I have begun work on the sallies I have black reach and another tac squad primed and I have started basecoating.
Make shure you read todays other post bellow.

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