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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Basing: Snow, sand, mud, grass or what?

So, I am always trying to improve my miniture techniques, from varnishing to using green stuff. Now, one of my next steps is basing. I want to start doing it. There will be a discussion up on My Space Wolf Blog about how to base them but I want to know what matches well with what colours here.

Basing ties in with this week because it really adds an aethetic to a model, gives it a sence of reality.

Do you think that certain colours accentuate certain basing styles or is it the type of model or both!

I mean that a guardsman in green may want a grassy base becuse he would want camo but normally you would want the base to be different from the main colour.

Sand, snow and grass or a mix are the main basing types. Personally i like sand painted gravly or mixed with grass but I do like the old snow standard thing. I don't know whether this would work but I had a radical idea for frosted grass. Don't shake up you varnish and spray for instant 'frosting' it works on models so why not!

So, what do you like for basing and how do you do it. If you have any tips then please tell them to us.

Thanks for reading,

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