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Thursday, 5 November 2009

White dwarf: No.359 review (the rat men are here) and 200th post!


Hi, this is my 200th post and also this months white dwarf review. Sorry it's a bit late but i have been steeing up my new space wolf blog, check that out HERE. Anyway, on with the review:

In this white dwarf there is:
Design notes on Skaven
Rules for last months lord of the ring stuff in the strategy battle game
the second part of the Harad campaign
Some scenarios for fighting on Fenris and a little campaign for our space wolves
White dwarf sub in a box mini
New releases
news Standard bearer
A new battlefield challenge
The directory
Painting masters catch up with previous winners
Painting workshop: Easterlings
Army masters space wolves
Eavy metal korsarro khan
Battle for Grim Duraz battle rep

In the news we have the new skaven army book (duh)! 20 clan rats for £20, 20 storm vermin for£30, screaming bell/plauge furnace for £35, the doomwheel for £20, queek headtaker for £8, Deathmaster snikch for £8, the battalion consisting of: 40 clanrats, 20 plauge monks 2 rat ogres, 6giant rats and 3 packmasters for £55.

From the black library we have liber chaotica 2009, blood pact by dan abnett, the sequel to scourge the heretic calles innocence proves nothing and the empire army series continues with iron company.

Nothing new from forge world.

Tyranids are confirmed and there is a new creature well many new creatures (like we didn't know). A couple of other odd bits like the old old giant being found and warhammer invasion the card game.

Weblore which is basically an advert for the Gw site.

Christmas wish lists now open for use. Along with the win a battalion or battle force for finding independant retailers.

Now onto the real articles, the verminous hoard, this is the design notes, gives lots of clear pics of the minis which is nice. Other tan that what you would expect really, the detailed look at sprues is of clan rats and there are NO repeats in this box. Shows that thought went into this book and also suggests some tactics. there is also a bit of a look at the war machines the Skaven have to offer. A bit of a tutorial on painting Skaven, looks good and relatively simple.

In saurons sinister service are the LoTR SBG rules for last months models. Looks good and was a good fun read.

Blood and sand pt2 sees us catch up with the contenders and shows some very inspiring pics, take a look even if you don't read it! Scenarios for next month look promising!

Battle for the fang, basically what i said before, some rules for fighting on fenris and some cool scenarios. the fluff is eccelent and i want to play with some of these.

A view of the battleforces is next, meh.

The battle report. this is very interesting and the scenario make the two large skaven armies bicker as well as fight the dwarfs to control just 1 tower which spurts out random death. run by a game master this scenario is all about getting into character and having fun.

the 3500 pt dwaf army has: Dwarf lord, rune lord, rune smith, thane, thane, dragon slayer, 20x2 warriors, 20 long beards, 10 thunderers, 10 thunderers, 10 quarrelers, 18 hammerers, 20 slayers, 20 miners, grudge thrower, cannon, organ gun, flame cannon.
The skaven army was packed full of toys with 2 doomwhells, a plague furnace and a bel, all in 2 2000 point armies. Both were centred around big blocks of clan rats and plague monks respectively.

The battle was a good read with the bickering between the two skaven generals getting phychal and in game. i won't spoil it for you but it was close!!!

Standard bearer is all about our hobby being hard to acces, niche, effort and time consuming and him thinking that's a good thing because it stops people with no enthusiasm from coming in also he say GW will never do pre painted stuff.

The new white dwarf model in grombrindle in SPACE, cool but a bit, meh! a little tutorial on how to paint him as well.

the new battlefield challenge looks to be interesting, it's called dawn raid basically up a point is night fight and the defender starts with objectives the attacker has a small advantage, who ever has most objectives wins!!!

the painting masters is fantastic! we catch up with some of the best from other white dwarfs and there is some fantastic painting. you need to see it to belive it!!!

Easterling tutorial is good and useful tips on many tecniques!

Space wolves army look is just plain cool with lots of battle dammage!!!

Kor'sarro Kahn mini tutorial is cool but the white tips are eccelent, it tells you how to get a warm, neutral and cold white well!!!

next there is a little look at some marine special characters. Cool stuff!

the rest is a load of adverts. Fortress of redemption next month!

Overall a really nice white dwarf, very impressed!
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