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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Discussions: #8 Painting, fast or slow, neat or wild. How do you do it!

Hi, Jacob here, this weeks post is about whether you paint different things fast or slow and whether you do lots of neat paintwork or a wild method that might be considered quick and dirty! 1 person I know has quite a bit of patience but not much skill, so he paints his armies slow but in a wild way. This is Stu who has been interviewed before.

With his ogres he spends time on all of this but it is a simple metod. The skin is just tallarn flesh washed heavily with devlan mud. This is very simple but when time is taken over it looks decent.

Some peoples character models are 20-40 hour masterpieces but others are jsut a complicated soldier model.

Another example is me and faces. I've never had much practice at this but now I just use tallarn flesh, highlight dwarf/elf flesh, paint teeth etc and done. Eyes are a tough point for me but I'm learning!

So, how do you paint. Are you top class with a quick and neat job or are you different with a slow and dirty job. Both work, one just takes more practice. White undercoats require a neater method weher as black allows for a dark gritty but wild painted look.

Please tell us where you sit and how you are. Thanks for reading,

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