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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Fluff: Iconography.

When painting an army it is important to carry out a cohesive theme in some way, be it it army markings or even just colour. The hard part is fining the right icon. Some have a general meaning like sword=war but some have a much deeper meaning like shattered sword=dark angels and all there background.

I have chosen ragnar for my wolves, this means that all of the other chapter symbols which come in the space wolf kits need to just be generalised and not revered so they will be all painted gold or something along those lines whereas the Ragnar symbols will be distinct.

This helps everything to fit together and look like 1 army. Just like the fact that my wolf guard use a different colour scheme to my regular guys but it is similar steps to tie them in whilst still marking them out.

So when you paint that saim-hann symbol just think about the meaning behind tat symbol.

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