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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Battles: 6000 points side Fantasy battle and unit testing!

Hi, today I spend a lot of time in my local GW. I played 2000 points of chaos against 3200 pts of empire and 2800 pts of brets. Of course I also had the hellp of vampires and skaven both had 2000 pts.

I build a unit using my palanquin BSB and some warriors, I have played 3 games with it and in the first 2 it got charged but then I had to go. Today I got to play with it and I love it!!!

The game turned out to be a minor victory to us and it was a hard fought game that I really enjoyed. It has been the first game I have won exept for against Stu but that was when we were both learning and not playing with all the rules.

Now, as this week is about the whole aesthetic, I'll tell you how this links in! The whole thing is fact that it can be extremely fun to play in big mega battles if you have a good team to play with. The narrative links in
because in big battles the view is quite staggering and actually looks like a bit of a battle rarther than a scrap!
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