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Monday, 30 March 2009

Converting for dummies: posing your model intrigueingly (don't know how to spell that).

Hi, this is the second simple conversion and is also my second post today (check out the other conversion for dummies below). This one is about Dark eldar bet as in the last post it could work with many other races.

So this is what ya need, you also need some sort of scope or something and you need some clippers or a hobby knife and some glue, the spikes are also optional.
Basic building.

Grab your gun.

cut off the arm and reposition it so it is much more straight.

Then attach the gun in a relaxed pose (this gun is heavy and he is holding it in one hand).

Cut off the end of the gun and file the top right down the file down the bottom of the actual gun.

Now glue the end of the gun to the bottom.

Get your other arm and some sort of scope or something then glue it into the hand.

You can reposition the thing in his hane then attach the arm as though the dark eldar is examining/using the item, also, attach the head.

Add the long hair down the back of the shoulder.

Finished model.


Converting for dummies: I want to chop people with my gun aswell as shoot them!

Hi, this is the first conversion, now this may be done on an Ork but it will work for most races (imagine an assaule marine with a bolt pistol with underslung chainsword and targeter). So here we go!

All the stuff you need is here, basicaly a black reach ork with chain thing and slugga, some glue, some files and clippers.

A close-up of the exact pieces.First, cut off the ammo clip from the gun.

Sorry about the blur on this one, what it is supposed to show is the chain blade and motor cut off.

Now cut the blade from the motor.

Finally add the motor whee the clip was but with the exhaust acting as a hand guard. Then attach the chain blade.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Conversions for dummies: A new series about converting.

Ok, so I am going to do a new series about doing simple conversions, this will be done step-by-step and hopefully will help people.

A couple of days ago, I was thinking about converting. I know I am not the best converter but not everybody is and it is hard to learn some of the basic skills when you join theis obby, so I will be converting on some of the following races:

Space marines.
Dark eldar warriors.
Maybe some other I am not sure.

So, tell me what you think and say if your interested.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Painting: Motivation and my model (a response to the painting corps).

So, this is my guy that I have painted this week, as the painting corps asked for, I know you all saw him before but hey this isn't all this post has in it.
I also have a tip on motivation:
Now I don't get stuck starting painting but I do have trouble finishing a squad/unit. So I give myself painting rewards:
1. After finishing a stage on a squad get a coffe or a sweet or whatever, something small.
2. When you finish something big (like say 30 chaos warriors, or you paint a basic legal force to play with) then you give yourself a painting reward: so if you just painted all your basic troops for saaaaaaay space marines, then go and paint you captain or your sweeeeeeeeeetly converted sternguard that you reallllllllllllllly want yo paint, then you feel you have a goal to work towards!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Painting: Pic marathon.

Hi guys, I finally have a camera now so I have been on a pic marathon. Here we go:

Remember that post a while a go about random stuff, well here it is, Legolas Merry and a warboss (AoBR but the back of his claw is missing). Just a bit of fun painting.

Now for the real work, this is my WIP Slaaneshi squad.
The command

A close up on the banner.

And a random dude.

Nurgle time.This is a squad from a while back, I am pretty pleased with them but I forgot to take pics of their capes which are some of the best bits.

Now this guy is a 'Chaosling' They are men borne to close to chaos and never grew very tall as the raw essence of chaos flows through them, they are generally magicians and nomatter what god they worship, a tripe wants them. This one is a conversion and is devoted to tzeench. I mad up the stuff about chaoslings. The thing be his side is a count as fammiliar.

Another pic.

And another.

A cappy that still needs some work but is getting there

Taccy squad!

WIP maurauders!, flail heaven. The silver members are the young members of the trip that are not as devoted as the others so don't show as much heritige as the others.

And so ladies and gentalmen, that is all for today, more pics to come and my tutorial on mud basing will have pics too.
P.S. Since now I have based my army with my mud tecnique.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Codex: chaos cultists: Army list, the first of a new series.

Hi, so this post is going to have info of the first version of the chaos cultist codex, I will be making this into a series of short posts with bits of the army list each time:


Khorne: Gives the model +1 attack and +1 leadership but must always charge if possible.

Slaanesh: Gives the model +1 inititive and fleet of foot.

Nurgle: Gives the model +1 toughness.

Tzneetch: Gives the model a 6+ ward save, if the model already has a ward save it gives it +1 to it's ward save.

Army list:


Chosen of the gods: WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W3 A3 LD8 Sv4+

Hand weapon, las pistol, blessed robe (enchanted armour), frag and krak grenades.

Special rules:

Hidden leader: you do not have to reveal which unit this model is in if it starts the game in a unit, your opponent does not know he is in their until you reveal him you may do this whenever you like. While hidden he counts as a normal member of the unit he is in (use a normal model for that unit to represent him).


May take mark of Khorne for +20 points.
May take mark of Slaanesh for +10 points
May take mark of nurgle for +15 points
May take mark of Tzeench for +10 points.

May swap las pistol for the following:

daemonic bolt pistol..... +3 pts
plasma pistol........+15pts

May swap hand weapon for the following:
bolter..........+4 pts
flamer.......+15 pts
melta gun........+30pts
Plasma gun...........35pts

This is the first HQ more will come soon.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Off topic: 3000 hits.

I don't want to detract your attention from the post below but just a note to say I have reached 3000 hits. Thanks to all of you.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Replies: To GW pertinent on mud basing!

Hi guys, Gw pertinent posted about mud basing and if anybody had any tips, I couldn't post a reply on his blog so I will do it here.

Stuff you need:

Cheap baking soda
PVA glue
cheap brown paint
highlight colour for mud.


First mix your bakiing soda with your PVA glue mix lots so you have plenty.
Next Add a couple of big dolops of cheap brown paint and mix until you get a muddy colour.
Add to your bades and let it dry, while it is drying try to push it off the model (you can scrape it off later but it is easier now) this means that the model doesn't get covered in grime.
Finally drybrush your highlight colour onto the mud.

Tip: try this out on a test model first, some of your stuff might be different from what I've got and it may not be the look you were going for.

GW pertinent take this as a comment but I couldn't comment on your blog. Anyone else that tries this tell me about how it worked for you.

Monday, 16 March 2009

FTW: Why we have the FTW blogger group (answear to Ron's post).

Well really I think the main reason we have the group is to provide support to each other, I mean if Ron had never helped me out in the first place or if I hadn't joined the group then I would have very little idea about what I was doing, even down to knowing about good quality pics and there importance came from the group. We need the group because it holds us together and allows people a way into the blogging network.

Lets put it this way, if each person in the group put one comment on 3 other blogs each few days then we would all be getting the odd comment and people would stick up for each other and make structual comments and critisisms. That is some of the reasons why I think we need the group.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Discussions: army and tactics.

So this time round in the discussion we will be talking about tactics (40k only). What army do you play and what tactics do you use if I get a decent amount of feedback then I may put a poll upabout which tactic you think is the best. So go on guys discuss away!

LoTR: War of the ring massive battle.

Hi, yesterday I went to the GW and ended up watching a 40k game before joining in in a massive LoTR battle, I was some evil dudes and about 5 players fought per side. It was great fun and I was the first one to guess what we had to say when the mummakh died.
''That still only counts as one!''

Hopefully we will get a camera soon so I can take some pics so far in my WoC army I have painted:

12 nurgle warriors
part way through 12 slaanesh guys
nearly done 20 marauders (lost momentum on these guys)

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Off Topic: I'm back and am going to stay!

So I am back online now and have had a look at some of the blogging that has been going on over the last 2 weeks. I have been busy with all sorts of stuff but I have no camera so I will tell you about it when I get pics. Now I have some questions:

1) Has there been any big things that have gone on on any ones blogs or any big news.
2) Does anyone want/need me to know anything.

Thanks, comments and crits are welcome.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Off Topic: Second post of the day and bye for a while.

Hi, this is the second post of today and I don't want this post to draw your eyes off my other post.

Due to having new stuff installed and other things at home this blog will be inactive for a while. It might be 2 weeks or it might be a couple of months, but anyway bye for now!
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