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Friday, 26 December 2008

News: Christmas presents.

Sorry guys, not much in the way of 40k here I did get a Landraider crusader/reedeemer though, I plenty of stuff but after my gigantic B-day I didn't go with much 40k. But the last stern is done and Vang just needs assembling then I can move onto black reach and battle force tacs (I am doing 20 in 1 go).

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Problems: DISQUS

Since moving to draft it cut my DISQUS out, I now have it back but all comments that you have previously posted have gone, I read them all thoug and I am sorry for the inconveniance.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Converting: Salamanders Tacticals from Battle Force.

Hi all, Vang Kantra is nearly done but I want iy=t to be a bit of a supprise when you see him, now, onto this posts main concern, I have built the Battle force Tacticals (well 10 of them) and I have been busy converting, without further addo here they are.

The back.

And now the front, the outstreched arm origionally hel a pistol but I cut it off and replaced it with the bolter, his other arm holds a grenade, as you can see he also has melta-bombs.

The back.

Now the conversion, first part of his arm holds the melta-gun, which has a sight, plain and simple, but his other arm was a different story, I cut off the hand then cut off the handles and shaved down the guards of two combat blades, then I glued them together and attached it to the wrist, next I cut the wings of an aquilla in the vercle sprue then attached them to the sides of the weapon.

Another view

Now this guy is quite simple but his conversions are clean, I cut the plasma pistol of one arm and replaced it with the bolter then cut another weapon off the other hand and attached on a bolt pistol.

Then the back of this dude.

Right, now all the guys bellow are just normal dudes:

Except this guy, whilst he may not look that good now he does when his arms are attached then he looks like he is defending from incoming fire whilst still shooting his bolter.

In the fluff for my Sallies, they are all well trained and many have reached veteran status however they are only a small force and can muster about a company and some tanks with the help of the Terran Hands so lots of veterans are willingly fighting as tacticals, this explains the conversions and why there is so much dirt on the Salamanders.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Battles: Against Eldar.

Gamers World here, Yesterday I played a supprise game against some Eldar, it was on a 2' by 4' board, we played Kill points and I won 5-3, he had about 15 gaurdians, a seer council a lone farseer, 5 pathfinders, 5 dire avengers, a warwalker and a wave serpent. I played with 5 sterns which drew a lot of fire, 30 tac marines, 5 devs and 5 termies.

I loved this game and I have found that the Sterns and cappy draw a lot of fire power and last for a good while, the devs drew a lot of fire aswell but they didn't do much.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Archon campaign: Another game/ White Dwarf: lots.

Archon campaign: OK, so I played another game today against the guard player Stu, it was a 910 point game were I used my 5 man term squad, a cappy, 5 sterns, 15 marines and a missile launcher dev squad. I really enjoyed using the devs, they did a good job at popping lemans, the termies did great as well. Best of all was the Stens, they ate threw the 10 tac marines I had lent hi and did some serious damage to other stuff, I will definitely use them a lot.

Now the scoring stands like this:

Marines: played 4 won 3 drew 1 Lost 0

Necrons: played 1 won 0 drew 1 lost0

guard: played 3 won 0 drew 0 lost 3

White Dwarf: I have got my grubby little hands on about 30 old mags, ranging from about 270 to 310 I don't have all of them but it is nice to read some of the old stuff, the best thing is that it was for free.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Painting: Quite a lot of small updates (with decent pics)

Ok, so I have been working on taking pics and have addjusted the white ballance on my camera.

So here is a big load of updates.

A couple of WIP Sallies.

The back of my last WIP Sterngaurd

The weapons.

The front.

Sorry about the slight bluur. This is the side of my newly finoshed ''dirty,'' Sterngaurd.

other side.


First finished Sallie.

and again

and again.

My new paint station (beats a cardboard box and newspaper).

The plastic that I paint/mix on.

Now for the news: I keep a note book by my bed which I plan my evil schemes in, this has made up data sheets, fluff and all sorts of other rubbish.
I will be starting work on Vang very soon in answear to the poll that has now ended.
I will be playing my friend this Friday.
I would really appriciate any thoughts or critisisms or anything else you have. Oh and I have an idea, if everyone took a picture of their whole (1) army or a legal part of it, then E-mailed me via the address up in the right corner of my blog, then I could put all the photos on my blog and put up a poll to ask the public who's they like the most. This is only an idea and you will have to tell me what you think.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

FTWroundtables: 5th ed Tips.

To continue what I said over on FTW about 5th ed, I must tell you how this has helped me.

Now, I find that if say you had a squadron of 3 landspeeder typhoons, you can cause a lot of anti-infantry and maintain good anti-tank but, they can get shot to pieces.

Now, I deepstrike them or keep them in reserve, when they come in I try to keep them out of trouble until about turn4, then I make a mad dash for an objective and contest it, this works even better with eldar jetbikes.

Other things you need to do are:

Take lots of troops.
Still take good units to kill your opponents troops.
Keep your mind on the mission.
Take out your opponents troops.
Harrass your opponent with a unit he fears (my friend thinks dreadnaughts are the end of the world).

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Thoughts: Simplicity.

Now I ahve been thinking lately, does it make a differance if things are mor simple, my answer was yes.

Now that I had established that I got onto thinking how: if you have to type in your display name, e-mail, avatar link and a password every time you want to comment on something you are less likely to comment, am I right. Now if everything you write is long winded and you take forever to get to the point less people are going to read your posts.

I had lots of other thoughts but these are just a few. Also battle reports are interesting but if you have no pics then they take forever to red and you have to picture the battle in your head.

If your blog is comlecated like how I ahve described then I understand that you may have your reasons, these are just my ramblings.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Painting/Fluff: Sallies/ paint station.

Painting: Hi all, I have recently made a paint station so I can easily transport my painting, pics will follow shortly. I have also nearly finished my Sterngaurd and have nearly finished painting my first Sallie.

Fluff: The small spearhead of the Salamander: Dark Inferno had a mix of black and green armour, some troops dedicated themselves to the Salamanders cause and so garb themselfs in black. This small force was sent into a large Volcano on the planet 51L3 (Changread) in search of a special blade forged of pure magma. After waiting 10 years the force was deemed dead and the Salamanders left the planet. When eventually the Dark Inferno did reapear they were scorched and dirty, they had to defent for a long perioid against the threat from Changread.

A force of Terran Hands were lost in the warp and when in search of their lost fleet they stumbled upon the Dark Inferno, the Terran Hands were sucked onto the surface of the planet by its gravity field, once on the planet they met the Dark Inferno and decided to work as one to try and make a differance in the sectors around them namely: Archon, Deciduis, Clamatorius, Meadrack, Prentorus and Stargorearas.

The force now fights as one and almost always works together.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Codex: Chaos cultists: Pics.

Hi all, here are the pics from 's Adam Hunter, some of the wargear in these pics isn't legal because they will be incorporated in later rules.

This drawing is actually mine. He does not have a sheild it is just a bubble round his arm saying that it is a slaanesh upgrade. This is just a pic to show one incarnation of a chaos preacher with tabard. His chest is Khorne because their is an explosive charge in their so when he dies he will kill more. Blood for the blood god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the model for an independant character.

This is like a bodyguard squad.

These are just a few men to show different weapons. Some men come from different squads.

More guys in poses.

Heavy squads.

Building the men.

Adams models of cultists.

Two assasins.

Regular guys.

A small unit from a squad, the sergeant could be a torturar with a little adjustment to the rules.

More men.

Hope you like this and remember to check below because there are lots of other posts today.

Codex: Chaos cultists: Deamons and more.

So, Jabberjabber is going to let me use his rules for daemons as summoned daemons, because these daemons are weaker than a normal daemon then it shows the cultist power is weaker than marines.

Adam Hunter will be providing images for the cultists.

Here is the first incarnation of the unit entry:

Cultist: 5pts BS3 WS3 S3 T3 W1 A1 I4 LD7.
Sergeant: 5pts BS3 WS3 S3 Ts W1 A1 I4 LD8

Squad: The unit numbers between 4 and 30 models + 1 sergeant.

Weapons: All cultists are armed with a daemonic lasgun, a daemonic las pisto and combat weapon, they may swap the pistol for a daemonic bolt pistol for +3pts and they may swap the lasgun for a daemonic bolter for +3pts. The sergeant may take weapons from 1 armoury. Each squad may include between 0 and 4 special from the following list: flamer for +4pts, melta-gun for plus 6pts or plasmagun for +8pts. Frag+Krak grenades.

They sold their souls: The unit must take at least 1 mark.

The unit may include 1 torturer instead of taking a sergeant, this is his profile: +35pts BS2 WS4 S3 T3 W2 A3 I5 LD8:

Weapons: mace on chain/big thing to hit with oblitorator, pain crown, frag+krak grenades.
Special rules: Lord of death, feal no pain ( the whole unit gets this), unique.

Lord of death: the torturer is a grim presence and any enemy unit within 12'' is -1 leadership.

Mace on chain: this strike at +2 strength and counts as a power weapon

Oblitorator: a power claw modeled as the fingers being the claws.

Pain crown: For any whole unit destroyed in a combat that the torturar took place in roll a D6, on the roll of a 6 the army gets In apoc this ability is ignored and the price becomes 30 pts instead of 35.

Unique: You may only have 1 torturar per army.

So what do you think, any sugestions are welcome as always.
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