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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Painting: Quite a lot of small updates (with decent pics)

Ok, so I have been working on taking pics and have addjusted the white ballance on my camera.

So here is a big load of updates.

A couple of WIP Sallies.

The back of my last WIP Sterngaurd

The weapons.

The front.

Sorry about the slight bluur. This is the side of my newly finoshed ''dirty,'' Sterngaurd.

other side.


First finished Sallie.

and again

and again.

My new paint station (beats a cardboard box and newspaper).

The plastic that I paint/mix on.

Now for the news: I keep a note book by my bed which I plan my evil schemes in, this has made up data sheets, fluff and all sorts of other rubbish.
I will be starting work on Vang very soon in answear to the poll that has now ended.
I will be playing my friend this Friday.
I would really appriciate any thoughts or critisisms or anything else you have. Oh and I have an idea, if everyone took a picture of their whole (1) army or a legal part of it, then E-mailed me via the address up in the right corner of my blog, then I could put all the photos on my blog and put up a poll to ask the public who's they like the most. This is only an idea and you will have to tell me what you think.

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