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Friday, 19 December 2008

Archon campaign: Another game/ White Dwarf: lots.

Archon campaign: OK, so I played another game today against the guard player Stu, it was a 910 point game were I used my 5 man term squad, a cappy, 5 sterns, 15 marines and a missile launcher dev squad. I really enjoyed using the devs, they did a good job at popping lemans, the termies did great as well. Best of all was the Stens, they ate threw the 10 tac marines I had lent hi and did some serious damage to other stuff, I will definitely use them a lot.

Now the scoring stands like this:

Marines: played 4 won 3 drew 1 Lost 0

Necrons: played 1 won 0 drew 1 lost0

guard: played 3 won 0 drew 0 lost 3

White Dwarf: I have got my grubby little hands on about 30 old mags, ranging from about 270 to 310 I don't have all of them but it is nice to read some of the old stuff, the best thing is that it was for free.
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