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Monday, 1 December 2008

Codex: Chaos cultists: Deamons and more.

So, Jabberjabber is going to let me use his rules for daemons as summoned daemons, because these daemons are weaker than a normal daemon then it shows the cultist power is weaker than marines.

Adam Hunter will be providing images for the cultists.

Here is the first incarnation of the unit entry:

Cultist: 5pts BS3 WS3 S3 T3 W1 A1 I4 LD7.
Sergeant: 5pts BS3 WS3 S3 Ts W1 A1 I4 LD8

Squad: The unit numbers between 4 and 30 models + 1 sergeant.

Weapons: All cultists are armed with a daemonic lasgun, a daemonic las pisto and combat weapon, they may swap the pistol for a daemonic bolt pistol for +3pts and they may swap the lasgun for a daemonic bolter for +3pts. The sergeant may take weapons from 1 armoury. Each squad may include between 0 and 4 special from the following list: flamer for +4pts, melta-gun for plus 6pts or plasmagun for +8pts. Frag+Krak grenades.

They sold their souls: The unit must take at least 1 mark.

The unit may include 1 torturer instead of taking a sergeant, this is his profile: +35pts BS2 WS4 S3 T3 W2 A3 I5 LD8:

Weapons: mace on chain/big thing to hit with oblitorator, pain crown, frag+krak grenades.
Special rules: Lord of death, feal no pain ( the whole unit gets this), unique.

Lord of death: the torturer is a grim presence and any enemy unit within 12'' is -1 leadership.

Mace on chain: this strike at +2 strength and counts as a power weapon

Oblitorator: a power claw modeled as the fingers being the claws.

Pain crown: For any whole unit destroyed in a combat that the torturar took place in roll a D6, on the roll of a 6 the army gets In apoc this ability is ignored and the price becomes 30 pts instead of 35.

Unique: You may only have 1 torturar per army.

So what do you think, any sugestions are welcome as always.
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