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Saturday, 13 December 2008

FTWroundtables: 5th ed Tips.

To continue what I said over on FTW about 5th ed, I must tell you how this has helped me.

Now, I find that if say you had a squadron of 3 landspeeder typhoons, you can cause a lot of anti-infantry and maintain good anti-tank but, they can get shot to pieces.

Now, I deepstrike them or keep them in reserve, when they come in I try to keep them out of trouble until about turn4, then I make a mad dash for an objective and contest it, this works even better with eldar jetbikes.

Other things you need to do are:

Take lots of troops.
Still take good units to kill your opponents troops.
Keep your mind on the mission.
Take out your opponents troops.
Harrass your opponent with a unit he fears (my friend thinks dreadnaughts are the end of the world).
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